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July 14, 2015

Google Upgrading Android Wearable Abilities

Trading Messages, Doodles With Other Users Part of Planned Upgrade

Communicating with a friend could be at your fingertips…. or, well, wrist.

wearable-3That’s because Google is reportedly planning a major upgrade to its Android Wear platform. It’s a similar move to what Apple has introduced with its wearables where users will be able to communicate with one another through the devices.

Sure, many wearables are already equipped with a variety of communicating techniques ranging from phone calls to social media alerts, but Google’s plan, reports Phandroid, will take communicating a few steps more.

As an example, wearers should soon be able to share doodles, emoticons, messages and more.

The changes aren’t ending there, though.

Google wants to enhance wearables’ interactivity by increasing the swiping and tapping gestures the watches react to. PC Mag reported Android watches will soon react to single taps as opposed to the swipe up, swipe left, swipe down and long press currently recognized.

Details aren’t confirmed but reports indicate single taps will allow users to check weather, cycle through faces and even open a new activity.

Initially, the upgrade was expected to be launched this month but it appears users may now have to wait for August.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.