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July 15, 2015

10 Effective Strategies to Attract Visitors to Your Blog

You just wrote a great piece, or had one written by your awesome writer. Something like Shakespeare would have written if he were a blogger. You had it edited and it’s 100% error free. You push publish. Now you sit back to revel in the amazing comments.

Nothing. How could that be? Maybe you just aren’t plugging it correctly.

10 Major Techniques You Should Be Using to Promote Your Blog

One of the best things you can do to get people to start reading your blog is to promote it and get others to promote it for you. And if you really want to get your name out there and build up your blog following, start by using these 10 tips.

1. Make Content that People Want to Share

People share things they like, or at the very least, want other people to know about. How many times have you seen someone share something like, “Me, I didn’t have anything else to share, so I just threw this up. It’s about … I don’t know. Something. I guess.”

Not very often.

What does this tell you? If you want shareable content, you need to create good content on subjects people care about.

Sean Work from KISSmetrics talks about the nine ingredients that make up good content. In order to make people want to read and share your content, follow his recipe.

Good content is unique, entertaining or informative. It discusses things that people want to know in ways they have never heard before. Basically, if you make them glad they read it, they will want to pay it forward and let everyone else know about their great find.

2. Create Consistent Content

If you create good content, but you only do it once every few weeks or months or years, you are not going to get a lot of followers. You have to be pretty special to get people waiting around with bated breath for your next inspirational words.

One of the best ways to get people to start following your blog is to create good content on a consistent basis.

HubSpot found that companies posting 16 or more posts per month received 3.5x the amount of traffic that companies with 0-4 posts received. That’s a huge difference!

In order to ensure consistent content, create an editorial calendar and then stick to it, but don’t force it. If you cannot think of something to write, don’t just throw up any old thing.

Remember that you need consistently good content. If you are struggling with creating that much quality content, get help.

  • Hire a service.
  • Have multiple people working on your blog.
  • Hire fulltime writers.

3. Create a Promotion Plan

When you have a blog, you should pretend that you are in the boy scouts. Be prepared.

To promote your content, you need to plan ahead.

  • Know what platforms you are going to promote on.
  • Know how you will promote the content on those platforms.
  • Figure out the quantity of promotional posts that you will be creating.
  • Know what time you will promote it.

Basically, don’t write a post and then throw it up once on Facebook and think it will work. It won’t. Just like anything else, it takes time, patience, and practice to get right.

Another important part of a promotion plan is flexibility. Your plan should easily be adjusted for emerging platforms. It should constantly be updated to take into account what is working and what isn’t.

4. Build Your Social Media

Do you want to know how to make your social media work as a promotion tool? Promote your social media efforts.

When you build up your social channels, you have more engaged followers. Let’s say you are promoting your blog on your social media platforms just like you should be, but you have hardly any followers.

If no one hears a tree fall in the forest, did it make a sound? In this case, the answer is no. So when you ‘cut down your tree,’ make sure there are people around to hear it first.

There are many ways to build up your social media accounts.

  • Be informative, not promotional.
  • Use images – but more on that later.
  • Utilize hashtags correctly.
  • Engage with people.

5. Use Your Social Media

Now that you have built up your social media following, use it to promote your blog. Obviously, that should not be all you are doing with your social media accounts. But when you have a new post, you want to share it with your followers.

And there is a lot more to this than putting up a, “Hey guys, I wrote this. Read it please.”

  • Figure out what time of day is the best time to post for your audience.
  • Use tools such as Buffer and HootSuite in order to get your posts out at the right time.
  • Figure out which posts are getting you (or others) the most traction and emulate those styles.
  • Find out what hashtags work best to attract the viewers that make up your target audience.
  • Use multiple social media platforms.

6. Create a Preview of Your Post

So here is a really cool idea that I definitely stole from the Social Media Examiner. Create a vine trailer of your post and share that.

In the next point, I’m going to talk about how useful videos, etc., are both in posts and promoting them. However, here I am focusing specifically on Vine.

Vine allows you to make six second videos. So why not use it to make a preview of what your blog will be covering?

  • It’s creative.
  • It utilizes people’s love of videos.
  • It works to intrigue viewers about what else the post contains.

After all, if you put so much effort into promoting your post, doesn’t that mean you probably put that much effort in creating the post? I know I would want to find out.

7. Use Images, Videos, and Infographics

People love images, infographics, webinars, videos, and everything else that stimulates the eyes and ears.

Both when you write and when you promote a post, you should be taking advantage of this fact.

  • Create unique (not stock) photos and images that catch the eye. Use them when you are promoting.
  • Use infographics to capture your key points and figures in a way that is easy to show off on social media and is more likely to get people interested.
  • Use highly sharable images that tell stories in their own right.
  • Create videos and let those be the main part of your posts. People are more likely to click on and share videos.

When you make your blog pretty, striking, and eye-catching, people will want to see what is going on there. And once you have done everything you can to make your blog one that looks great, use samples of that artistic sensibility on your promotions of the piece.

8. Make It Easy to Share

If something is easy to share, it is going to be shared a lot more than something that isn’t easy to share. That’s common sense, right?

So if you want to get people sharing your posts, make them easy to share.

How do you do this?

By having pre-populated, suggested posts for one. However, that isn’t all. You can also make individual quotes that might stand out as Tweetable. You can do this by using Click to Tweet. Similarly, make images, infographics, and videos shareable as well.

Then, ask people to share. Dan Zarrella has a great infographic on how to get retweeted. According to the graph, Tweets that say ‘Please ReTweet’ get retweeted 51% of the time; Tweets that say ‘Please RT’ get retweeted 39% of the time; and when you don’t ask at all, the number drops to 12%.

9. Be Engaging

If you want people to engage with you, then you need to engage with them.

  • If people comment on your blog, comment back.
  • ReTweet other people.
  • Comment on other blogs.
  • Share other people’s content.
  • Talk about things that people want to discuss.
  • Get yourself into conversations.

The more involved you are with people, the better. When you have a relationship with them, they are more likely to care about the things you have to say.

10. Be a Part of the Influence on Triberr

To say it like they say it, Triberr is, “a community of talented Bloggers and Influencers come together to read and share great content.”

Sound like something that you want to be a part of?

The idea behind this site is to create a social network for bloggers. Through it, you find bloggers with similar topics to yours and mutually share. That way, you can both grow your ‘tribe’ of followers.

Think about joining this site or similar ones. Go on there, follow, share, and be shared. It’s as simple as that.

Getting the Attention Your Blog Deserves

When you have a blog worth promoting, and a promotion worth following, your blog is going to start growing dramatically.

But if you need help creating promotable content and content promotions, then check out our copywriting services.


Julia Spence-McCoy is the CEO of Express Writers, an online copywriting agency that began in 2011 with thousands of web content pages written to date and more than 50 talented writers on the team. Her passion is copywriting and all that pertains, including the ever-changing game of Google algorithm updates.