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July 20, 2015

Today’s Most Powerful and Effective SEO Tools

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SEO is a rapidly changing, and at times, in a highly challenging environment. In the blink of an eye, rules change, tools die off, factors are weighted differently, and marketers are left scrambling to formulate a new game plan. Over the years search engine optimization has become an increasingly complicated and time-consuming endeavor, but a substantial blueprint is vital to online success.

With a bountiful variety of SEO tools and applications on the market, how is one to determine which are as advantageous as they are portrayed to be and which are not worth your time? You could spend hours sifting through a myriad of reviews, testimonials, and website copy, or you could come straight to the experts for solid and insightful information.

To help you avoid those hours of searching and analyzing, here are some the most powerful and useful SEO tools available to date:


The SEMrush platform is second to none in uncovering organic positions of sites that are inaccessible in analytics. And while the tool’s main focus lies in competitor analysis, SEMrush also provides users access to position tracking data, advertising insights, site audits, and a variety of other research tools.

The platform is extremely powerful in its abilities to determine the overall health of a website. When conducting research for link-building campaigns SEMrush will provide detailed information on how many keywords a site is ranking for in Google.

If a site has a high volume of inbound links and DA, yet little to no keyword rankings, then the site is most likely being penalized, meaning you should avoid it altogether. The organic search of a site can also be researched to establish if there has been a recent substantial drop. One of the main highlights of this program is that the overview report is extremely easy to read, making life a little bit easier for those that are still relatively new to the SEO arena.

Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider

Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider was built by SEOs for SEOs; it’s really that simple. With free and paid versions available, SEO Spider allows users to crawl any site’s links, code, or images just as the Google-bots would. In addition, some of the harvested data can include headers, meta tags, redirects, and which links are follow or no-follow. The site also provides information on TITLE tag length, H1 and H2 tags and lengths, and Canonical tags.

Many of these offerings have been broken down into individual tabs so that specific problem areas can be focused on. A simple right click of the mouse will provide information on index data for Google, Yahoo, or Bing along with other insights. While the desktop based application is a robust analytics tool, it is also fantastic for finding broken links and building strategies to remedy the situation.

Google Search Console

As one of the most widely used SEO platforms in the world, the Google Search Consoleis the go-to resource for all results, diagnostics, and overall performance reports. Not only does this application help business owners to better understand how to optimize a site for increased visibility and traffic, but it has recently become even more effective with the addition of the Search Analytics report.

This relatively new feature supplies users of the Search Console with the ability to filter information by queries, countries, pages, search type, and even devices. Additionally, the SEO tools has refined their site link attribution feature to be more accurate.

As it stood before, when a query was searched, Google would attribute the clicks and impressions to the homepage URL despite what page of the site was actually clicked. In the improved version, when a query is searched the Console will now attribute the visibility metrics to the URL that was actually clicked upon. And this is not to mention all of the other highly useful and fruitful reports Search Console provides.

As a business owner, the success or failure of your company rides squarely on your shoulders. An intimate understanding of SEO guidelines is absolutely critical to which direction the company moves. But intimate knowledge is not enough; you need powerful and effective tools to survive. The 3 platforms outlined here can provide you with all of the crucial information that is vital to the overall health of your website, company, and ultimately your bottom line.

Are any of the tools listed here employed by your company already, and if so, how has it affected your rankings in the SERP’s? What other dynamic SEO tools has your business implemented with successful results?


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