3D Video On Its Way to YouTube

3D is coming to YouTube.

CEO Susan Wojcicki, during a keynote speech at the sixth annual Vidcon event in Anaheim Thursday night, said YouTube is hard at work on 3D support for videos that play back in its 360-degree format.

YouTube 3D3D support means YouTube users who have 3D headsets like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard will be able to see images in three dimensions. Wojcicki said YouTube would have the necessary special cameras to support 3D at its studios around the world, including at two of its soon-to-open locations in Toronto and Mumbai.

“We’ve seen big name artists like Avicii and Bjork do some breakthrough things with 3D video, but we want to empower all of you to chart this new frontier,” she said.

Wojcicki also announced a new version of its mobile app available now on Android, mobile web and coming soon to iOS.

The update is a bid to make it easier for mobile viewers to both find the videos they are most interested in watching and create them, too.

The update introduces three new tabs:

  • Home: Enables users to more easily explore and discover videos with recommendations based on watch history as well as personalized playlists.
  • Subscriptions: A new Subscriptions tab helps users to find the latest videos from their favorite channels and creators. By tapping the bell icon on channels of interest, users will receive a notification as soon as a new video is posted.
  • Account: This enables users to see their playlists, watch history, and uploaded videos all in one place.

“But YouTube isn’t just about enjoying videos; it’s a place to express yourself and show the world what you love,” YouTube said in a post to its blog. “With the redesigned app you can take your creativity to new levels using a new set of video creation tools. You’ve got an amazing camera in your phone or tablet, and now you can trim your footage, tint the image with filters, add music, and upload – all inside the app.”

Users can also now watch full-screen vertical videos with a tap of the finger for the very first time.

(Via CBC)

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