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July 24, 2015

TurboScan Launches Free Version of App

Available For iOS Devices and Allows Up to Five Scans

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One of the most successful business applications has launched a free version specifically for iOS.

scan appFor the past number of years, TurboScan has proven itself a valuable tool for businesses. It gives users the ability to scan and save documents using their iPhone and the documents are easily saved and accessible once scanned.

However, the app has always comes with a small price of $2.99. Until now, that is.

The company behind the app, Piksoft Inc., announced Thursday it has launched a free version of the app which is available both on the Apple Store and the Google Play store.

“TurboScan is one of the highest rated apps in the App Store with 16,000 users giving it five stars,” stated TurboScan marketing director Tania Sulimov in a company press release.

“We found the reason that over three million users continue to use TurboScan is due to its intuitiveness and ease-of-use. We are excited to bring a free version to the app store for new users to give us a go.”

The free version, the company explained, is loaded with the same features as the previous incarnation.

Unlike other document saving business apps, the company stated, users can capture documents with the SureScan 3x mode or from saved albums, and store them in high-quality color or black and white. TurboScan also features an “E-mail to Myself” option allowing users to easily share. This option has the ability to convert all scans into PDFs, JPEGs or PNGs without losing quality.

The free version enablers users to scan and save up to five documents.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.