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How Video Content Can Improve SEO and Lead Generation

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As it currently stands, images rule the roost for online visual content. Without captivating, funny, and relevant images attached to the top-notch content you have created, it is likely that its reception online will be next to nil. Audiences are so heavily inundated with content that a post must have the ability to stick out if it has any chance of becoming a success. As of last year, images accompanying content accounted for 75% of all posts made to Facebook. And these numbers are only growing.

But as crucial as images have become online, video is the wave of the future. On average, more than one billion users visit the second largest search engine on the web, YouTube, every single month.

On top of that, it is predicted that by 2017 video content will account for an astounding 69% of all consumer internet traffic. By 2018, close to one million minutes of video will be published online each and every second. Starting to see the importance here?

The bottom line is that video content is becoming an increasingly imperative endeavor for all businesses to undertake. Videos create a highly valuable experience to viewers as they build a visual relationship between you and the viewer. Video provides a sense of your brand’s identity, the type of language your company utilizes, and how you provide value to those you serve. If videos are done properly they can do a better job of communicating your vision than any blog post or standard website ever could.

Videos can also be cheap to produce as well and you likely already own the necessary equipment; an iPhone 5 or Android phone with a free video editing software app.

Now let’s take a look at how video content can have a massive impact on SEO and lead generation efforts for any business.

The Positive Effect of Video on SEO

Google’s search engine is an online juggernaut which processes roughly 40,000 search queries every second. Considering that Google owns the video housing behemoth that is YouTube, videos on that site are given preferential treatment in how they rank and appear in search results.

In fact, during this time last year Google altered how snippets are viewed in the SERP’s, ultimately resulting in YouTube videos owning over 91% of the snippets that appear. This means that between the amount of queries Google processes, and the sheer number of YouTube snippets that show up for related searches, thousands upon thousands of eyes could land on your videos every day.

Leaving the advantages of the Google-YouTube relationship aside for now, simply posting videos to YouTube or any other social video sites massively increases the likelihood that your video content will be found by users searching for information related to your particular market, niche, product, or service. By not uploading videos to one of these platforms, you are missing out on massive marketing potential.

Besides, YouTube is free to use and virtually an unlimited amount of content can be uploaded without ever paying a dime. With so much potential and so little out of pocket costs, this is a platform you can no longer afford to ignore.

How Video Increases Lead Generation

As was stated earlier, video content helps to establish a type of visual rapport with viewers; even more than text, images, or overall website experiences. By producing captivating videos, there is a much higher chance that audience members will visit your website, and every website visit is a valuable potential lead.

YouTube and other various video platforms provide businesses with massive potential for a plethora of views and increased brand awareness. Additionally, with YouTube visitors possessing the capabilities to subscribe to certain channels, this provides brands with an outlet to continually push video content in the hopes that those who have yet to visit a corporate or product site will eventually be enticed into doing so.

This content channel is not only important for building a consumer base, but it can also help to connect businesses with people in high places. According to Forbes, 75% of business executives watch work-related videos on YouTube on a weekly basis. This is by no means insignificant because networking is another crucial factor to online success and prosperity.

The ability to film, edit, and publish video content is becoming a massive necessity for SEO, lead generation, and overall virtual longevity. Without video content making its way into your arsenal of various different publication mediums you will likely fall behind.

While not participating through digital video will not kill a brand as of right now, 2017 is not far off, and by then there is a good possibility that survival cannot be maintained without it. Integrate this type of content into your blueprint now and become a video master; you’ll have a significant edge over any competitor who is late to jump into the video game.

Has your business already been publishing video content on YouTube or other social video platforms? If so, how has this affected your website traffic, SEO ranking, and lead generation?

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  • Your article is very informative using video to improved SEO, awesome. This is new for me and I am learning a lot…Especially like the fact that Videos generate leads.

  • This is quite useful information. I have been using YouTube for uploading videos and it really help in getting clients.

  • Awesome post with a informative content. As we all know about video seo, definitely this post will help us to derive or generate some traffic.

  • Video Content is one of the reliable techniques used for lead generation. Many experts also use this technique to help them with SEO results.

  • Lots of people are sick of brainwashing sales videos pitching products. Me for one! We get enough of those on TV.


    Steve Timmins

  • I completely agree. Without video material on a site it’s difficult to keep visitors . Moreover, video improves behavioral factors that positively effect an overall project .

  • It all depends on your target audience and what niche your in , any thing related to good to buy , videos won’t work as good as Google considers the videos a sales pitch which can be spammy , if your content is related to how to etc something that will give the visitor some usual relative information then yes videos will work for you .

  • Thank you for a very an enlightening post. We are planning to create a series of informative videos for our cost reduction service business. Two videos have already been uploaded to U Tube but we haven’t seen any surge in traffic to our website yet. What do we need to do to promote the videos on other people’s blogs , Diggs and Reddit where we do not have accounts? We are already using Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Without video you’re letting go of visitors – they’ll spend less time on your site.

    With video comes a reason to stay, intent grows and interest starts to happen leading to an enquiry …

  • I’ve been using video to market my business for a while now and I can confirm that it’s works phenomenally well. However, until I read your article, I didn’t know that “75% of business executives watch work-related videos on YouTube on a weekly basis.” I would have figured that they were doing other things.