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July 30, 2015

Top Tips to Score More Customers With Your Website

Marketing has changed a lot in the past 10 years thanks to the Internet, yet service remains the biggest factor in winning customers.

Efficient Service is the Topmost Driver

No amount of marketing can replace poor service or faulty product. Every site needs to rely on positive word of mouth to boost the number of customers and sales. By serving customers efficiently, business owners can be assured of positive feedback which, in turn, will attract more customers and clients.

Four methods that attract customers on a consistent basis:

1. Give Hard Sell the Boot

Do not focus on hard sell. Concentrate on marketing you business as honest and reliable so customers will want to do business with you. One way to ensure likeability is to engage customers/ prospects like a community. This can be done via social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter — interact with customers. If they like your company they will be loyal to your offerings.

2. Be Active on Social Media

Some people think that social media marketing is easy. In truth, it is a time-consuming task if it is done right. It is essential to keep posts updated, attend comments and respond positively to those who have grievances. Share posts that are interesting enough for your industry thus giving an impression of being a true, unbiased professional. Most importantly, be regular with the posts.

3. Search Engine Optimization

One of the most important drivers of online traffic is search engines, hence optimizing your site with relevant keywords for the target audience is crucial.

Using keyword-rich content is highly important. Ensure your website content includes your business’ targeted key phrases and words. Traffic estimates and projections will help you refine your strategies within a period of time.

Register your business with Google Places to propel your website to the topmost positions in search results. Your business space will be featured too on Google Maps, adding credibility to your identity as a business and thus proving to be a decisive factor to rope in new customers.

4. Special Offers

Introducing special makes customers feel valued. You can even offer discounts if they have shopped beyond a certain amount or given a positive feedback about your company after buying your products. 

Three strategic steps to keep website ready for an online-driven world

1. Choose a clean and uncluttered Web design

Focus on your primary goal of having high conversion rates to establish contact with prospects. Design plays a key role in this. Never let form overshadow function. Excess clutter makes it harder for your audience to search for what they need. Use banners and interesting flash tips to attract attention and also avoid posting important content on graphics because search engines would not be able to track it.

Use keywords in the picture’s title, sub-title and caption for better indexing chances.

2. Be mobile-ready

Minimalist design is the latest trend in Web design. Flat logos are good enough for targeting mobile device visitors too. Intricate designs are now out the window because they would not render effectively on a mobile device. If visitors are unable to view content clearly, they won’t stick around.

The Smartphone craze has forced businesses to make their websites responsive to screen resolution and smaller screens. The best bet is to hire graphic designers who can deliver effective designs within your budget.

3. Stay ahead of audiences needs by being proactive in implementing smart tricks

Keep your website dynamic with lots of fresh content, new introductions and announcements. Do make sure that your real promotions, special offers and product inventory are constantly updated so that there is no dead end when a visitor wants to make a purchase. Ensure your contact information is visible so fonts and in a strategic manner. Lastly, support your prospects with directions through an embedded Google Map on your site, which can get your future customers thronging to you without any hassle in finding your spot.


Keval Padia is a founder and CEO of Nimblechapps, a fast-growing mobile app development firm. The current innovation and updates in the field lures him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.