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Technology That Won’t Exist in 2025

From the latest Smartphone to eco-friendly printers, technology seems to always be active in creating something new and exciting that could revolutionize our everyday lives.

However, 10 years in technology is an incredibly long time. Some products that exist now were unheard of in 2005. There was no such thing as an iPhone, and a lot of people were still heavily influenced by desktop computers as opposed to the widely popular laptops and tablet choices we see on the market today.

As a result, it’s interesting to see what may have passed its sell by date by 2025, which is why we’ve created this list. Here we have explored certain products that we could potentially see a decline in over the next 10 years.

1. CD Players

CD players has been a fine way to access music for many years. They long overtook the humble cassette player, and the various styles and sizes you could choose from made them a quality addition to any home.

However, with the rise in music streaming services such as Spotify and the revival of record players and vinyl discs, the market space for the CD players and CDs could very well be on the way out.

It’s not unrealistic to predict that by 2025 CD players may not be considered an essential household item, as playing music via other sources such as laptops, tablets and Smartphones is much more accessible and convenient.

2. Digital Cameras

Chances are, if you own a Smartphone, then owning a digital camera in addition might not be such a necessity. While some people may like the idea of having a separate camera to their mobile device, a Smartphone that has the potential to produce better quality pictures will always seem like the more convenient and obvious choice.

As technology evolves, and companies like Samsung and Apple create Smartphones with camera qualities reaching 8mp, why would anyone really need a digital camera?

In addition, Smartphones offer a variety of apps you can download that allow you to change the way your pictures look. Apps like Instagram have a variety of filters and effects that let you execute this successfully. And with everything at hand on one device, the digital camera era could dry out.

3. DVD Players

This might seem like a controversial item on the list, but could we go as far as to say that there is a possibility that the DVD player could become obsolete by 2025? Well, with online services like Netflix and Amazon Prime — where you download and stream videos off your computer — it seems this is a lot more convenient than going out and purchasing a DVD.

For those that collect DVDs, this might not seem so bad. But, with endless choices on these streaming services and a vast library to explore, accessing these videos from the comfort of your own home is an appealing factor.

Also, features such as on demand services and catch-up TV means that you never need to miss an episode or film of your choice ever again. It is likely that these kind of subscriptions will take the lead and could see a decline in DVD sales in the coming years.

4. Credit Cards

There will always be a select few that prefer to stick to more traditional methods of purchasing goods, but with companies like Apple creating the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that have a new payment feature, could we see a decline in credit cards?

The feature works by touching your phone to a scanner at one of 220,000 physical retail stores like McDonald’s, and TouchID will help you to buy the products with a single tap. The process takes very little time and could very change the way we purchase products in the future.

Another great feature is that because your actual credit card number is never stored or shared, you don’t have to cancel your credit cards if your iPhone gets stolen. You can also use Find My iPhone to suspend all payments from a device — it’s as simple as that!

5. Cinemas

The demise of the cinema has been spoken about before when the first TV sets became available on the market. However, few things compare with seeing your favorite films on the big screen. Besides, it’s also a social engagement tool on top of that. But, with the 3D feature becoming more affordable and accessible, the HD TV’s presence in most homes makes it easy to understand why the era of the cinema may come to an end in the next 10 years.

It certainly is much more cost-effective in the long-term to invest in a home theatre system rather than taking your entire family to the cinema every weekend.

There are many technological products on the market, and rumors that come with them, which could suggest a change in the digital wind. However, we cannot truly know what the future will hold. All we can do is wait and see what will be invented next and if it will take off.

Different types of technology will always come and go, it’s just a question of when and what its replacement will be.

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  • Hmm, that’s 10 years from now. Yes, you have a point on everything you stated, Hmm, I would say – that’s not impossible to happen, with all of the advancement of technology these days.