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YouTube Eliminates 301+ Counter

The 301 is going in file 13.

YouTube logoYouTube announced Wednesday it’s eliminating the 301+ counter on videos, a number that has long been the bane of existence for both those who watch videos on the site and those who upload them. Essentially, what this means is people are no longer going to be questioning what the actual view count is on videos.

The 301+ is the number, for the uninitiated, a video’s view count would be stuck at while the bean counters at YouTube ensured the numbers were actual human views and not figures reflecting fake views, as well.

In a simple tweet sent out Wednesday morning, YouTube explained it will be eliminating the 301 number and providing actual, updated figures. This means it will be easier for people to truly tell when a video strikes the ‘viral’ mark.

In the past, as Tech Crunch reported, the counter being frozen at the 301+ would create frustration and it appears YouTube recognized this and has, finally, addressed it.

The small graphic tweeted by YouTube indicates the new system will still involve some verification to ensure the numbers displayed with a video are accurate but there will be no frozen counter.

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