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August 13, 2015

iPhone Users Could Send Encrypted Data to Each Other

Patent Application Shows How One Device Could Back-up Second

Apple image — The Apple Store, Santa Monica, Calif.

An iPhone users’ BFF might just be their best line of defence in ensuring they don’t lose any precious data.

iPhone 6That’s because Apple has filed a patent for a means to save information even if the user isn’t getting a signal. The system, interestingly, would see an iPhone user depending on a friend’s phone as a secure means to back-up their data.

It sounds like a relatively simple system. Basically, should an iPhone user not be able to connect that phone will remotely search for nearby phones on Wi-Fi, reports Business Insider. Once a phone is located and it is determined if the user is in the disconnected phone’s contact list, a notification will be sent asking him or her to lend a hand by temporarily backing up info and transferring it to their device.

Anything that has not been saved on the disconnected phone will then be encrypted, transferred and stored on the second iPhone.

In some instances, Apple Insider reported, the data may be transferred over to the cloud where it will remain until a download is requested.

Of course, as is often the case in these patent applications, the information only became public this week but the patent itself was applied for more than a year ago.

There is no word on when, and if, the system could be implemented by Apple.