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August 13, 2015

Periscope Up to 10M Users in Four Months

Twitter-owned Periscope, at just four months old, boasts 10 million users, the company has revealed.

The live video-streaming app surpassed the 10-million mark on Aug. 2.

“We would like to thank every single one of you for taking the time to use something that we’ve worked so hard to create. It means everything to us,” a Periscope blog post reads, adding that the company is “ stunned by the burgeoning usage of Periscope which, as of last week, recorded a record of 40 years of video watched per day.”

The company said it is focusing on time watched moreso than on daily active users because it is a better way to gauge the success of its app.

“Time Watched serves as a proxy for active user growth, without suffering some of the limitations of focusing exclusively on a metric like daily active users (DAU) or monthly active users (MAU),” the post reads. “Although it’s useful for us to see that our DAU graph is trending upward, we don’t think it’s the most important metric for assessing our overall success.”

Twitter has been encouraging users to stream videos via Periscope rather than Meerkat since the social network purchased the application earlier this year. The launch of Periscope in March came on the heels of a minor battle between Twitter and Meerkat over what app users would be using to watch videos. That skirmish resulted in Twitter limiting Meerkat videos.

Periscope, is available for purchase through the App Store and the Google Play Store.


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.