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The Top 12 Amazing App Designing Tips That Can Do Wonders

How good is your app design? You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but it really is a good idea to actually have a good cover.

Designing an app is a skill in itself and a creative activity which helps increase traffic and increase downloads. Apps don’t come cheap and an iOS app’s average cost is around $27,463. If you want your app to win user preference and become popular, then you need to keep in mind certain design elements. Here are some top mobile app design tips to help you win many users.

1. Use the grid and elements which define spacing – An invisible grid is present on the surface which helps guide the app developer. Grids form the basis of mobile app design. Once an element, be it a dot, a word or a line, is placed on the canvas, you can start defining your margins and with every stroke you make, the space with which you need to work is defined too. Maintain consistent heights and width with padding and margins.

2. Hierarchy is created with color – Purpose is denoted with color value and one can create hierarchy with even shades of grey. If the first button is black, second dark grey and third light grey it simply means that the first button is the most important one for the visitor, the second is less important and the third one is least important.

3. Color is all about the brand – The brand focuses on the emotional relationship between your products or service and your consumers and colors can help you define this effectively.

4. ‘Shade’ and ‘Tint’ – You need to understand the meaning and difference in tint and shade before designing the app. A color can have a blue hue and be a tint or shade but it can never be both at the same time. When technically speaking with your clients, use the words tint and shade only.

5. Use logos to add style – A logo itself cannot make or break your business, but it can surely help add style to your brand and, if designed poorly, can reflect poorly on your company too. Logos cannot be timeless as it is stuck by the age it was created in.

6. Page Title – If a user has opened several tabs and has forgotten all about the content, a screen title can help remind the user where he is. However, you can skip it or have it disappear if you feel this is unnecessary. You can also use this space as a search area.

7. Elements need to be defined and repeated – Visual elements need to remain consistent throughout the app. If one ‘search’ button is red in color, ensure that all ‘search’ buttons are red. Also the px padding on one screen should be maintained by all others.

8. Separate texts and create hierarchy – Text styles should remain consistent too. Stylistic choices such as title case, contrast, indent, caps and underline can be used anywhere as long as they remain consistent.

9. Do not be outdated – Your app should appear modern and up-to-date. The trend nowadays is toward a flat design so keep that in mind when designing the app.

10. List apps – Most mobile apps are just a method to navigate through lists. Your job as an app designer is to make the list an interesting experience in itself and showcase it to be both fun and rewarding.

11. Making a layout decision – To decide which layout is the best for your app, you should make use of various design libraries. Here are three good ones:

  1. http://www.pttrns.com/
  2. http://inspired-ui.com
  3. http://www.mobile-patterns.com/

12. Sign up – Allow a user to get sign up when they ‘like’ or ‘heart’ one item. Offer sign up on a single page. Sign up does not offer great value to your brand and you will see a good amount of user drop-off from login.

Your app needs to have the right strategy to do well. Know your market well – for instance, the United States remains the place for the maximum number of app downloads. Your target demographic region and advertising strategy will play a part in the overall success of your app, but do not forget the basic ingredients. You will need a good user-friendly app. Focus on creating an app environment that has users wanting to use the app longer. Look for ways to engage your customers and don’t just end the association once they’ve downloaded the app.

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