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Moments App Update Offers Music Video Option

Your photos can now become music videos, thanks to Facebook’s update of its still relatively new Moments app.

Moments1The photo-sharing app automatically creates a collage, complete with music, of any grouping of six or more photos.

Users can also customize the video by changing the soundtrack although, currently, there are only 11 different songs to choose from. They can also add or remove photos and tag friends.

Users can also create their own collages by grouping photos together.

The completed videos can be shared just with friends or on a user’s wall.

“Syncing photos with the Moments app is a private way to give photos to friends and get the photos you didn’t take,” Facebook product manager Will Ruben said in a press release.

“Moments groups the photos on your phone based on when they were taken and, using facial recognition technology, which friends are in them. You can then privately sync those photos quickly and easily with specific friends, and they can choose to sync their photos with you as well. Now, you and your friends have all the photos you took together.”

The update also brought support for 34 languages, and is available in a number of countries — but not Canada or any of the countries in the European Union.

The app can be downloaded at the App Store or Google Play.

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