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Yahoo Announces Mobile Tumblr App Sharing


Mobile users will soon be able to share content straight to Tumblr.

Yahoo_LogoYahoo senior vice-president of publisher products Simon Khalaf announced Wednesday during the Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference in New York City the Tumblr In-App Sharing. It’s aimed at developers but will, essentially, mean sharing content to Tumblr from a mobile device will be done smoothly and easily.

Think of it, The Next Web reported, as the share button users already see on websites, but this one is designed specifically for the mobile world.

The move ties in with Khalaf’s recent blog post where he explained how content is, once again, king.

“(M)obile and its apps have cemented their position as the top media channel and grabbed more time spent from the average American consumer,” he wrote in the post. “In Q2 of 2015, American consumers spent, on average, three┬áhours and 40 minutes per day on their mobile devices.”

That’s a 35 percent jump in one year. The amount of time the average American spends on their phone daily has also increased by 43 minutes, Khalaf reported.

The new mobile app, Tech Crunch reported, comes after work with partner PicsArt. This will mean users will be able to save their photos and collages created in PicsArt and share them, directly, via Tumblr.

More than just that, though, is the fact it should help developers get more downloads as people will see posts and, ideally, download the app themselves.

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