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August 28, 2015

Vine Gets Musical in Latest Update

Six-Second Video Service Enables Perfect-Looping Music for All Users

Vine’s latest update will be music to your ears — literally.

The six-second video service today launched an update, dubbed Snap to Beat, to enable you to discover and create with music on Vine.

“Today marks the beginning of our commitment to strengthening the connection between music and Vine,” reads a company blog post. “When we launched Vine, one of our unique features was that posts loop with sound. Since then, only the most obsessed creators have managed to master the art of never-ending music loops — when you listen to a Vine and can’t tell the beginning from the end. (We call these “perfect loops” or “seamless loops”.) To bring the magic of perfect-looping music to everyone, we created Snap to Beat. Now you can create Vines with perfect loops just like the pros.”

To choose a song, tap the music note from the Details screen. Snap to Beat then determines how much of the song must be used to make a seamless loop and then edits your video to fit that clip.

To edit audio separately, turn off Snap to Beat. You will then have more control over how much sound to include in your video clip and the part of the song you would like to play over. You can even add a sound effect to the end of your Vine “for a dramatic effect.”

The update also enables you to find out what you’re listening to as you watch Vines. Simply tap the music note on a Vine to reveal the track’s data.


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.