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Google Giving Flash Ads the Boot as of Sept. 1

Google has announced its intention to block Flash advertising from its Chrome browser beginning tomorrow.

The proclamation should not come as a surprise to advertisers — Google announced back in June the change was imminent.

Now, with a date of Sept. 1 in place, advertisers have a little work to do to ensure their ads will continue to show on the Google Display Network.

Although most Flash ads uploaded to AdWords are automatically converted to HTML5, not all are. Advertisers are urged to do two things:

1. Identify any Flash ads in their account that aren’t eligible for automatic conversion:
2. Convert these ads to HTML5:

The move, Google said, is to enable Chrome users to “enjoy faster performance and view more content before charging their batteries.”

“Video and interactive media bring consumers rich, engaging experiences on the web–but they can also impact browser speed and battery life,” Google said.

“Over the last few years, we’ve added tools to encourage advertisers to use HTML5 so they’re able to reach the widest possible audience across screens.”


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