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Magni Cable Allows Charging, Data Transfers

Sometimes all it takes is not having the right tool to bring a job to a dead halt.

cable chargeAn Australian company knows this and has created a simple, small device to ensure there’s no roadblocks when it comes to charging devices. The product is currently making its way through a crowd sourcing campaign with a $12,000 goal.

The Magni Cable is exactly what the name suggests, a cable that can be used for multiple purposes and can adapt to the device a user is trying to connect.

“We use our smartphones all the time, but when our batteries get low, there’s one thing that really annoys us, and that’s charger. Regular charging cables haven’t changed all that much and they can be a pain to plug in. That’s why we created Magni Cable,” explains the campaign’s Indiegogo page. “We were tired of the boring old charging cables. We wanted something that would work to make your life simpler. Using magnets and smart design Magni Cable can do some amazing things. No more disappointing micro USB cables.”

The cable can be used with all micro USB devices, not just Smartphones. The cable can attach to Bluetooth speakers, PS4 controllers, headphones, cameras and other items. It’s a simple, easy cable that comes with adapters to fit devices and isn’t just able to charge devices but can transfer data, too.

The campaign has a little less than a month remaining but has already raised eight percent of its goal surpassing the $1,000 mark earlier this week.

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