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Microsoft Named Victor in Patent Lawsuit

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The wheels of justice may turn slowly, but after nearly a decade of grinding away there’s finally a decision on the Nokia N95.

NokiaThe what? Well, it’s been eight years so people may have forgotten it, but just before Apple’s iPhone became all the rage the small Nokia device was all the rage. So much so, in fact, InterDigital launched legal action against the company claiming it was infringing on 3G cellular technology patents.

Well, good news has arrived for Microsoft — which now purchased Nokia’s handset division — the U.S. International Trade Commission has ruled there is no infringement. In a lengthy report, the commission stated “a finding of non-infringement with respect to the asserted claims” and noted it was terminating any further investigation.

Microsoft, Engadget reported, is happy with the finding and is currently involved with its own legal action against InterDigital citing abusive licensing practices.

At the end of the day, though, what exactly does the ruling mean?

Well, for Microsoft, it means there’s no need to be worried over a potential import ban on any of its phones.

For InterDigital it could mean some financial loss as The Market Business reported the company’s stock took a tumble after closing Friday.

In a statement referenced by Reuters, InterDigital’s chief executive officer said the company was disappointed in the decision.

However, William Merritt stated, the decision’s impact will be minor “given the decline of the Nokia mobile device business under Microsoft’s control and its limited market position.”

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