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CleanTalk Determines True Visitors Over Spam Bots

WordPress users are being given a new tool to ensure comments posted on their site are from legitimate visitors, not spammers.

wordpressCleanTalk enables the testing of comments and the determination of whether or nor the comment is an actual comment or something generated by a spam bot. It requires little to no work from the site administrators as all the work is done behind the scenes.

“Checking existing comments and users is made on the basis of the nearly two million of certain spam bots. Any spam comments will be listed and then deleted for you, I can’t explain how handy this feature is for a large website,” explained CleanTalk’s Alex Bezborodov in a┬ácompany press release. “Detailed statistics allows CleanTalk customers to control the whole process.”

It’s a straight-forward process as a vistor to the site writes their comment which the CleanTalk plugin then sends the information to the CleanTalk cloud. The service analyzes the parameters and determines whether the comment will be published or, if it is determined the comment came from a spam bot, it will be blocked.

The set up for the services is relatively easy and takes only five to 10 minutes. CleanTalk also can be set to scan comments to ensure no vulgarity or abusive language is used in a post.

Currently, CleanTalk only operates on WordPress but other platforms are expected to be added in the coming months.

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