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September 11, 2015

Cloud Data Storage: Should You Make the Switch?

The cloud has promised so many innovations. It could minimize data storage costs, make servers more affordable, and bring a new level of security to certain environments.

The problem is that the cloud is still a mystery for most businesses.

Let’s examine if cloud data storage is worth the switch by taking a look at some of the most dramatic benefits that it brings to the table.

1. Off-Site Data Storage

Data backup has always been a big deal when it comes to businesses. The need for reliable, secure, expansive off-site storage has been something businesses have desired for an incredibly long time.

The cloud can deliver this.

The best part about off-site storage with the cloud is that it can be done in a way that is transparent to users of a computer. Automatic backups can regularly be performed when changes are made to a file, which in turn makes the phrase “I forgot to make a backup” a thing of the past.

2. More Space

In a 2012 survey by Cisco, 25 percent of respondents answered that they would choose to use cloud networking for storage. This marks a significant demand for new methods of data storage, which is reasonable because the average amount of data any one device stores continues to grow.

The cloud’s modular configuration allows more storage space to be added with minimal effort. Technicians need only hook more devices to the cloud and configure these devices with the main server to allow for clients to store more data in a cloud environment.

3. Cost-Efficiency

Another unique benefit of cloud data storage is that businesses need only pay for what they use when they rent their cloud storage from another provider. This makes cloud storage considerably more feasible from a financial view.

This also means that more data can be stored on a server because the cost of paying for the cloud’s hardware and maintenance is streamlined.

4. Big Data Integration

When someone captures the data from delicate sensors and other circuits from providers such as Streamline Circuits, they end up with an incredible amount of data. This means they must have somewhere to put it, and the cloud seems like a perfect place.

The reason the cloud aligns so well with big data applications, which includes everything from shopping habits to weather data, is because it has the storage and the computing power necessary to model with that data. This makes the same type of storage capable as operating like a high-end computer.

Should You Use the Cloud?

Not all businesses or individuals should use the cloud for data storage. Those that need a large amount of storage, intense calculations and models, or need a way to cut costs for storing a larger volume of data should use cloud storage solutions.

If you’re on the fence about switching to cloud data storage, then you should simply try it first. You can then get a feel for how well the benefits align with your needs.


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