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September 11, 2015

KeepSolid Launches VPN Unlimited On Windows Phone

The top-notch VPN service is available on all key platforms now

New York, New York City – September 11, 2015 – One of the leading security and productivity products developer, KeepSolid, expands its offering to Windows Phone and launches VPN Unlimited on Windows Phone Store today. Now this top-notch VPN service is available on all key platforms: iOS, Mac, Android, Windows (desktop client), Windows Phone and Linux. Through one account, it can be installed and used on up to five devices. If you are a Windows Phone owner, go download it now!

About VPN Unlimited:

VPN Unlimited helps users to surf the web anonymously, secures their Internet connection and encrypts the data they send or receive so no one can make use of it. This service has no bandwidth, speed or connection limits. Nearly 2.5 million of web surfers have already chosen it as an all-in-one solution for protection and unlimited access to their favorite web sources.

Over 200 servers of VPN Unlimited cover all continents, but Antarctica. Its data centers are located in 30 countries around the globe. The Mac version of this VPN service has spent over a month in Top 10 productivity apps on the App Store. It reached Top 10 free apps in 30 countries, including the USA, UAE, China and UK.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited traffic bandwidth!
  • Unlimited connection speed!
  • Strong encryption methods!
  • Multiple connections from your account, meaning you pay once and then use our VPN service from any device!

Using VPN Unlimited allows you to:

  • Protect your Wi-Fi connection
  • Secure your online activity
  • Unblock restricted web content
  • Bypass some ISP restrictions (this may even increase your regular Internet speed!)

More information is available at

When: September 11, 2015


Windows Phone Store


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About KeepSolid:

KeepSolid is an international product development company headquartered in New York, USA. We offer a wide range of solutions and services – from improved productivity to data protection and internet security – for both individual and corporate clients. The top-notch quality and reliability of our products is our competitive advantage.

We continually work to improve and adapt our offerings in order to provide the best user experience possible. Our key services and solutions are VPN Unlimited, Photo Transfer WiFi, Private Browser and To Do Checklist.

More information can be found at

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