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September 16, 2015

NASTC Joins SalesScreen as an International Distributor

SalesScreen is Scandinavia’s leader in sales gamification and announced today that North American Sales Training Corporation (NASTC), a global sales training and consulting company based in Toronto, Canada, has joined the company as an international distributor. Through their partnership, NASTC will expand the reach of SalesScreen’s sales motivation software throughout Canada.

“As the demand for our industry-leading sales gamification platforms increases, it is essential that we begin to work with partners who can supply our product internationally to interested customers and talented sales leaders. With a proven track record of introducing groundbreaking motivation and management tools to sales leaders throughout North America, NASTC is an ideal distribution partner to provide the network and support we need to expand the reach of our software,” said Sindre Haaland, the company’s CEO. “They are a globally recognized leader in sales training and consulting and we look forward to expanding our product market with them.”

The ability to visualize sales data and keep sellers engaged and motivated is critical to revenue growth and the retention of happy, high performing employees. Sellers need a rewarding work place that stimulates, engages, and challenges them to surpass their goals. SalesScreen’s highly customizable digital motivation platform addresses these needs.

  • Unique data visualization software allows sellers and managers to quickly view and understand their sales data and KPIs in clear, brightly colored, intuitive charts and graphs.
  • A truly engaging gamification platform provides a wide variety of fun rewards and notifications for the completion of sales tasks. These include ranks, badges, leaderboards, slide templates and recognition on TV screens throughout sales offices.
  • Real-time sales competitions are displayed on TV screens, creating an atmosphere of friendly competitiveness and team spirit, which inspires sellers to keep their momentum going in order to unlock hidden features and win awards.

“We are excited to be able to offer our clients in Canada such advanced sales motivation software that improves sales performance and at the same time makes sales more fun and engaging,” said Alen Mayer, President of North American Sales Training Corporation. “To grow your sales you need to tap the full potential of your sales force and find the new ways of motivating team members to do the best work of their life. Wake up their competitive instincts and give them fun, unique content and awards to unlock,” said Alen Mayer, CEO of NASTC.

About SalesScreen

SalesScreen is a leader in digital sales motivation. The software was developed around the core belief that sellers who are more engaged in their daily sales activities and who are motivated to surpass their goals will have a lower turnover rate while increasing revenue and profits for their organizations. By making sales data easier to understand and motivating sellers through a world class gamification platform, SalesScreen makes sales more fun and engaging for the whole organization.

About North American Sales Training Association

North American Sales Training Corp. is a global sales training and consulting company based in Toronto, Canada with clients in Canada, US, Europe and Africa. They provide impartial, expert, and customized diagnostic approaches to improving sales effectiveness by determining the source of a company’s sales challenges.



To learn more about this partnership, please contact:

David Smith, Chief Marketing Officer – SalesScreen

Office: +47 731 00 270

Mobile: +47 983 63 754