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September 17, 2015

Microsoft CEO Can’t Get Cortana to Work During Live Demo

Digital Assistant Appears to Have Difficulty Understanding Nadella's Request

Satya Nadella had an embarrassing few moments on stage Wednesday courtesy of Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana.

During his keynote speech at Salesforce’s annual Dreamforce event in San Francisco, the Microsoft top boss tried to demonstrate what Cortana is capable of, but the digital assistant let him down horribly.

During his presentation, he asked Cortana to “show me my most at-risk opportunities.”

The assistant responded by bringing up a Bing search page with the phrase “Show me to buy milk at this opportunity.”


A frustrated Nadella tried two more times and failed before giving up.

“Sorry about that. Someone’s trying to save me from backstage,” he told the audience, as he tried to get the right screen to pop up for the audience to view.

To see the cringe-worthy moments, check out the video clip below.