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September 22, 2015

Five of the Best Principles to Keep You and Your Staff Motivated

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The best way to motivate your staff is to lead by example. Along with making the major decisions and directing the company, you should always find time to guide your employees and encourage them to adopt the same approach to the business as you do. The following principles will help you maintain staff motivation, no matter what issues they are facing:

The Mission Statement

In setting up and maintaining a business, you will have established a set of goals; a reason as to why the company was necessary and what niche it fills. Most importantly you will have your own reasons for getting up and coming into work every day. These facts are probably woven into a speech that you give to potential investors, shareholders or finance managers. These facts should also be shared with your team. Inspire them with what you believe in, tell them your vision and allow them to feel a part of this vision. Employees who feel valued and know they are part of a company which has a vision will be motivated to help the company achieve that vision.

Value the Power of Great Team Players

No matter how big or small your team is, their motivation can seriously suffer if there is just one bad player among the members. This player may simply not be motivated or may have problems outside of work; some team members are excellent at working hard but have no inspiration or drive to do anything other than their given role. It is these types of team players that can seriously affect the motivation of a team; every member of staff should be given the opportunity to be self-motivated. This will create an atmosphere of entrepreneurs which will encourage the growth of new ideas and solutions. The team will want to do well and will remain focused and motivated.


Motivation is excellent at creating a productive, happy working environment but, to truly inspire your workforce, you need to have regular events that bring your team together. One of the best ways to inspire any team is by having a motivational speaker. This usually consists of a day of events that build up to a key speaker. The speaker will motivate and inspire your staff through stories of overcoming adversity. Inspire your employees by living according to a set of principles; you may be surprised how many of them follow suit.


There is little that motivates a person more than being told they are doing a good job. Basic human nature needs appreciation; understanding this concept and acting on it will allow you to motivate and retain your staff. Financial rewards are a great way of thanking people but, these cannot be handed out continuously and if only some staff get the rewards it can create an overly competitive workplace. The idea is to get your team to bond not compete with each other. Financial rewards can also create disillusionment in those who feel they should have received a reward and have been overlooked.

It is far better to simply thank your staff and, when appropriate do so publicly; the staff involved may appeared embarrassed, but they will appreciate it. This appreciation will motivate your staff far more effectively than a financial award.


Your actions affect the actions of your employees. If you are not motivated or have no enthusiasm for the job, company or future, then it will show in the way you deal with the daily issues. This will quickly become apparent to the staff who will adopt the same attitude; the effect can be disastrous for the business. You must take a moment every morning to remind yourself of your passion and reasons for running the business. Your excitement will transfer to your team and they will give their all.

Keeping staff motivated doesn’t have to be that nerve-racking. Hire the best motivational speakers to help you out if you’re running out of ideas; allow experts to entice your staff and they’ll perform their daily tasks with a lot more excitement. Happy employees make bosses and managers happy too; and when that happens, a company’s bottom line will instantly increase.


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