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September 24, 2015

Five Most Important Steps To Getting Your Blog Rolling

Image Credit: Kristina B via flickr

The blog is an essential tool in online marketing for any company and represents the heart of your Internet activity. It is easy to start a blog but very challenging to manage, because it requires hard as well as smart work. If you thought about starting a blog in 2015, then these tips may help you to get success in the blogging world.

After registering your domain, securing Web hosting and installing Word Press can be one of the most confusing times for a new blogger. You have a million things to do and no clue where to start.

I’m not a whale blogger (yet), but Props Blog has shown some solid signs of growth over the couple of months. I have no doubt that I would be 50 days ahead of where I am now if I had followed this path and not the one I took. These are the basic steps in the order I would do them.

Step 1. Get a Killer Theme, Professional Appearance, and Unrivaled Usability

When you first start, you have to find a good WordPress theme (free or premium). Just because you’ve found a theme doesn’t mean your design work is done. You still have to create a logo and some sort of distinguishing look for your site. This is especially important if you get a free theme. (Learning to code helps). Without a nice logo your site may look unprofessional. Don’t risk it.

Even after you have a theme and logo, you still have to hunt down appropriate plugins to make your site easier to navigate and more user-friendly. This is an unending process.

One major usability feature that will end up being critical for monetizing a little later is a mailing list. Choose the best e-mail marketing tools, go with Aweber and sign up ASAP. I should have done this from the day my blog went live.

Step 2. Write Useful Relevant Content That Entertains and Educates

Now that you have your site looking good and navigation ready, you need to make sure there is something worth reading when visitors arrive. At first, you might be able to write with minimal research, but eventually, you will need to start looking for some great resources to find new content ideas.

Your writing should also grow over time as you learn new techniques to capture and entertain your reader. In theory, you will also learn a few tricks for headlines too. Either way, be boring and die, entertain and thrive.

Step 3. Make Sure Your Site Is Fully Optimized

Make sure your theme is fully optimized. If you selected a solid premium theme like Thesis, you probably won’t have to do any major code editing, but that doesn’t mean your site is fully optimized. Using utilities like Website Grader can help you see how search engines see your site and help you to make practical use of your header, title and Meta tags.

Also, pay careful attention to long-tailed keywords (those crazy five-word search phases that somehow point people to your site). You will have a hard time ranking well for “Make Money Online” or “How To Blog,” so consider the long-tail search terms in your titles and headers.

Step 4. Promote Your Site

It is now time to promote your blog. Here are some tricks I have used with my blog to get figures in four months that I think are pretty good.

  • Share your content on social networks;
  • Collaborate with other bloggers;
  • Encourage participation in the comments;
  • Start e-mail marketing;
  • Submit your content on social news sites;
  • Guest post on other blogs.

Step 5. Tastefully and Ethically Monetize Your Blog (because you deserve it)

Now your site is looking sexy, search engines think you rock, and everyone in the world has heard about you on social media, you deserve to make a little money for your time. It is time to tastefully and ethically monetize your site.

Two keys words: Tastefully and Ethically.

Loading your blog up with five AdSense blocks is not tasteful. Don’t do it. Seriously, it’s not worth it. Add a couple of 125×125 ads on your sidebar and make ethical suggestions for products.

If you put a few PPC ads on your site, make sure they don’t ruin the user experience. You might make a little more money, but losing your reader will cost you more in the long run.

Also, your mailing list is your longest long-term source of profit. Make sure to take extra special care of the people on your mailing list.

Problogging isn’t for everyone. It requires a ton of discipline, hard work and a little bit of talent. One of the more critical things you can do to be successful is stay on task. I find my best work comes when I’m on task. When I’m off task, I end up hours if not days behind where I want to be.


Gaurav Tripathi is a Digital Marketing Professional and Blogger. Gaurav has helped many startups and brands to increase their business online reputataion and ranking on the internet, especially in globel ecommerce sector. He is the founder of Clciktrends and Fat Smash Diet Blogs.