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Didi Kuaidi, Uber Squaring Off for Chinese Traffic Jam

Traffic’s not just bad on city streets and roadways these days, there’s a lot more on the information highway, too.

DidiAdding to the traffic jam in China, now, will be LinkedIn and Didi Kuaidi. The two companies — Didi Kuaidi provides the Chinese version of North America’s Uber — announced a deal on Thursday that will see a strategic partnership covering product integration, technology, recruitment, and brand development, reports Tech Crunch.

Part of the deal means those commuters in China who use Didi Kuaidi’s Hitch, a social ridesharing service, will be able to connect to one another using LinkedIn. Through the networking commuters will be able to connect and arrange rides and carpooling opportunities.

Yet, Didi Kuaidi seems to be quite aggressive as it also partnered with North America’s Lyft to compete with Uber. This partnership means Lyft users who travel to China will have access to the Didi Kuaidi app and, vice versa, as Didi Kuaidi commuters in China travelling to the United States will have access to Lyft.

“Our calculation for the Chinese market is this is absolutely the winning strategy,” Lyft co-founder and president John Zimmer told International Business Times.

Not to be outdone, though, Uber was also on the stage Thursday announcing the launch of a new service in China.

UberCommute will allow long-distance drivers to pick up passengers along their commute and split the cost of their trip, reported The Verge.

UberCommute will enable drivers to sign into the app, set their destination and Uber will then link them with commuters along their route who are looking for carpooling opportunities.

The company said it plans to start the service in Chengdu, China with an expansion into other cities across the globe in the future.

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