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6 Reasons You Should Be Investing in Infographics

Here’s an infographic about infographics:


 Source: blog.visual.ly

Which part stands out the most for you? The fact that 90% of information transmitted to your brain is visual? Or the fact that 12% of publishers enjoy traffic growth just from infographics?

Maybe it’s just a nice picture to look at in this world of Information Overload (IO)?

6 Reasons You Need to be Investing in Infographics

Visual content marketing has become a powerful tool that you cannot afford to miss out on. Researchers have reported that visual data is absorbed 60,000 times faster than ordinary text data.

What’s more, in the last 2 decades, studies have shown us that information has grown 5X faster than in it did from 1986 – 2014. This rapid growth has brought the onset of using infographics to limit the amount of time we have to learn about something.

1. The Most Obvious Reason First – Visual Appeal

People all over the globe, from every walk of life, have a hunger for information. We love figures, statistics and facts. But the amount of time we need to digest text data isn’t really ideal in today’s world of digital.

That’s why writers, content marketers and bloggers have resorted to images and graphics to get their information to their audiences.

For our own content, we’ve realized the power of an infographic. We write and design our own, and I’ve been doing at least 1-2 every month. This one, the Ultimate State of Content Marketing, had over 250 shares! On average, a written blog post of ours gets anywhere from 20-80 shares.

According to leading digital marketing firm, Hubspot, a mega 40% of an audience responds better to images as opposed to textual presentations.

As studies have shown, readers have incredibly short attention spans. Just look at the bounce rate on your web analytics and you’ll see that most people tend to scan a webpage rather than spending time examining, filtering and processing information.

So it’s pretty safe to say that your readership can increase by 40% if you start investing in infographics as part of your marketing and content strategies.

2. Strengthening Brand Positions

Having an infographic created that tackles a topic related to your products or services can increase brand awareness.

Find a topic that your brand can tap into and create a visual representation. When communicated effectively, in a well-presented and well-thought out infographic with your brand logo and signature, the infographic is bound to become viral.

That’s because the content you share is so valuable and so powerful that more people will want to look at it, absorb it and become aware of your brand.

Over time, more people will get to know your logo, mission, perspective and, ultimately, products or services.

3. Infographics Produce Great Traffic

When you include your brand logo on all the infographics you create, you’ll notice people find it useful and will look you up. Once you start offering compelling content right before their very eyes, they’re going to make it a mission to know more about you. When they do, the first thing they will do is head over to your website and spend a bit of time on your pages.

Once again, a brilliant infographic that is completely captivating and properly branded as well as linked to your website, will generate traffic simply through Click and Share.

4. Infographics Work for Social Media Content

Take a look at Contently’s State of Content Marketing Report 2015. You’ll notice that social media content is a top marketing tactic for B2C and boasts a 58% effectiveness rating.

That means using full length infographics on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter can greatly increase your follower numbers. Infographics let you stand out from the newsfeed text jungle and head and shoulders above your competitors.

5. Going Viral, Being Shared

If there’s one thing Facebook insights have taught us, it’s that visual content gets loads more engagement than any text post.

Twitter has gone and made it easier to upload visuals, too. And then there’s third-party social medial scheduling tools that continue to work on their platforms in an attempt to improve image delivery on the platforms they host.

For example, Hootsuite has installed the ability for visuals to show up on a Twitter feed when you schedule them on their platform.

6. Global Coverage

Do you remember how the digital age brought the world right into the palm of your hands? Now, everyone is going mobile.

Every piece of information can be accessed through your tablets, laptops and smartphones. Just connect to the Internet and everything’s at your fingertips.

Even social media platforms have created applications on Apple and Android products with the sole purpose of offering accessibility.

All you have to do is click an image online and you are able to save it to your phone or share it on your social networks, through direct messaging or retweet, share or repost.

By providing valuable content online, you’re far more certain that it will be delivered to everyone and every single digital channel will find it.

Are You Convinced?

Infographics, at their simplest, offer easily deciphered visuals that evoke interest. They’re taking over the internet.

We really couldn’t think of a better way of telling your brand’s story or arousing interest over your business than creating an exciting infographic. It’s well worth the investment.

Do you have a favorite infographic that’s stuck in your mind? Maybe it’s one of mine? Let me know in the comments?


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