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October 16, 2015

How to Launch Successful Projects: MotoCMS Founder Shares His Experience

The world of website creation is full of unique personalities and talented entrepreneurs. Demetrio Fortman is one of them. An ambitious developer and founder of a few successful projects — MotoPress, MotoCMS and Defrozo — this young man keeps moving forward, aiming for new challenges everyday. Below he talks about his projects and inspiration sources in a question and answer session,

Q: Hi, Demetrio. Tell us a bit about yourself, please. How long have you been in this industry?

A: Well, I started developing websites and learning website building in college, so, it seems to be a pretty long time I’ve been in this field. Of course, those first projects were too childish and inexperienced. But I was ready to go further and worked hard to get enough experience to create something valuable. I’m a passionate marathon runner and such attitude in many respects defined my working style and brought me to the present moment — with three creative and successful projects.

Q: Where do you get inspiration for new projects? What has become the starting point for your pet project — MotoCMS?

A: Inspiration is a very subtle matter and sometimes it comes from nowhere. I just keep a sharp eye on new trends and innovations. I read a lot and try to figure what users would need to perform a certain action and how to improve their work on the Internet.

If we speak about MotoCMS, I felt the desire to give many people an opportunity to go online without spending months and tons of money for creating a good website. Those times Flash technology ruled the Web and I, like many developers around the world, was impressed by its dazzling beauty and animated effects. What frustrated me was the lack of control you had inside the admin panel. Thus, I started developing a solution that would help to tweak Flash websites without diving into code. Later we brought this idea to HTML templates and to our new generation MotoCMS 3 templates — complete responsive websites with the admin panel.

Q: What makes MotoCMS stand out from other competing projects?

A: First and foremost, I think, it’s the ease of use. Many website builders claim they are easy-to-customize, but inside you’ll find the same admin panel with the traditional menu sections and inconvenient structure. We tried to make the admin panel pretty much self-explanatory, with many tips, user guides and “passive” support inside. We also offer to our users much better SEO opportunities. And, of course, responsiveness. In the modern Web, you can’t succeed if your website looks broken or unusable on smaller devices. We make our new MotoCMS 3 templates responsive so customers don’t need to make them fit to various screen sizes. But if they wish to tweak the template to more devices — they can do it easily. Actually, our customers can customize pretty everything about their template: add and remove various widgets, select among a great number of presets for each one and tweak the presets too. Nothing is impossible.

Q: Who do you think your target audience is?

A: Well, I consider it’s all people who wish to get a nice-looking and easily manageable website for reasonable money. Small and local business, may be more than others. Developers, who create websites for their clients — they often use MotoCMS to achieve great results and make responsive sites within a short period of time. Independent professionals, like writers, designers, photographers etc. Actually, for photographers we created another project: Defrozo. It’s a platform that allows every personality with a camera and creative mind to establish a page with the entire functionality of a website.

Q: Talking of Defrozo. You’ve recently run a Kickstarter campaign for it, what lessons did you learn from this campaign?

Demetrio Fortman. It was a great experience! I learned that crowdfunding is A LOT about “crowd,” not just “funding.” You should see every person that gives you money as a friend and treat one aptly. People are the most important resource for every project, and they like to be involved, not USED. Our mistake was allowing too little time in preparing for the campaign. When you plan a Kickstarter campaign, you should double your estimated time for pre-launch preparation to make everything just perfect.

Q: What characteristics do you consider the most important for a modern website building tool?

A: Like I already said, responsiveness. The builder won’t meet today’s user needs without this point. Ease of use, too. We tried to make customizable the admin panel itself. It’s also important if you wish your customers to stay with your product longer. Your customers should ask for support as rarely as possible. We offer or MotoCMS customers a 24/7 technical support, but it’s great when clients use it only a couple of times, managing the entire template customization without great issues.

Q: What do you expect to see MotoCMS become in, say, five years? What do you plan to make it with your team?

A: I hope it to become the most useful website building tool. Really. It’s cool being popular, but I like it more when users choose you for your ability to give them what they really need: a great design, ease-of-use, responsiveness out-of-the-box, reliable support etc. A couple of month ago we created our eCommerce plugin to help all small businesses sell their goods online. We’re to add blog functionality to our admin panel soon. We listen to our customers and try not just add the options they ask, but predict what would they like to have the most.

Q: Do you feel like your dreams have come true? Is your life today meeting your expectations?

A: Of course, many of my dreams have come true and I’m happy to see how my projects grow and develop. But I’m not one of those who will rest on oars till the end of his days. There is always another goal to reach, another summit to conquer. I work hard every day to make each of my projects better.

Q: What is your biggest challenge for today? What will be the next step in your work?

A: My biggest challenge is to create a cool team of likeminded people who try to make web a better place to work, entertain, communicate. I’m extremely happy to work with such great personalities who help me with all my projects. We plan to improve our products further to make more people happier.


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