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Twitter Advertisers to Get Reports on Ad Effectiveness

Advertisers questioning the effectiveness of Twitter are being given the tool they need to be better informed.

ad reportThe social media network is introducing detailed conversion lift reports to enable advertisers to see their eligible target audience separated into a pair of groups consisting of those who see the ads and those who don’t.

“At the end of the campaign, we calculate the incremental conversion lift of your campaign by comparing conversions across both the test and control groups, and then share this data with you in a custom report. The report offers valuable insights such as actionable targeting recommendations based on study results, conversion efficiency, transaction value lift gained through Twitter Ads, and more,” Twitter group product manager in revenue Abhishek Shrivastava said in a blog post.

As Reuters reported, Twitter has been adding new products and services for advertisers in recent months because its ad revenue per monthly average user has been declining.

Such reports are not unique to Twitter. Venture Beat reports Facebook has been offering them to clients for quite some time.

Regardless, if Twitter’s looking at ways to retain current advertisers and attract new ones this doesn’t seem like a bad move. Enabling advertisers to gauge just how effective a tool Twitter is may pay off for both the social media network and advertisers.

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