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Google Docs Aims to Retain, Attract Customers

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Google has given one of its more popular items a facelift in hopes of retaining customers and, maybe, bringing some new ones in.

dropbox-logoIt’s been almost a decade since Google launched its Google Docs app with a goal of giving businesses a simple, smooth way of creating documents, examining numbers and communicating in an office setting. However, the move comes with a heightened availability as Google for Work, the group behind the move, has vowed to absolve subscription rates until any new customer’s pre-existing software contract runs out.

It’s all about a “new way of working” according to a blog entry posted Monday.

In that post, Google Apps for Work’s global sales head Rich Rao stated “we think that once you see Docs and the rest of Google Apps for Work in action, you’ll never want to go back. We want to help you experience it now, even if you’re locked into an existing EA.”

The move comes on the heels of a report by Bitglass earlier this year pointing to the popularity of Microsoft’s Office 365. As ZD Net reported, companies with more than 500 employees are more likely to choose the Microsoft feature over Google’s programs.

Of course, Google’s announcement was just a few days after Dropbox unveiled its new program, Paper, which is seen as a competitor to Docs. International Business Times reported last week there can be little doubt Dropbox has Google in its crosshairs and is hoping to attract Docs users to its new program.

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