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October 20, 2015

PGDM vs. Executive MBA – Choosing the Best option for Career Building

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The ongoing debate regarding what is better between PGDM and MBA is based on factors such as scope, key differences and job prospects. PGDM refers to a postgraduate diploma while MBA is Masters Degree. This means that you have the option of either studying toward a diploma certificate or Masters Degree, depending on what you deem to be most ideal for building your career.

Key Differences

MBA degrees are ideal for graduates who want to go through university programs that will provide an overall view of the area of the study. PGDM enables graduates to specialize in a particular field they are interested in.

PGDM offers more flexibility because the institutions that offer such programs are typically not affiliated with other universities and they function independently. Regardless of which option you choose, you should take time to identify what will be most beneficial for your career path. Industries recognize skills and capabilities whether or not you have a MBA or PGDM. Find out more about Executive MBA here.

Choose the Right Institute

Students are advised to choose institutions carefully and base their decisions on the values and branding that they have established. The type of image that a school projects indicates what type of learning environment it provides. Well-established institutions should be able to provide an environment that is conducive to networking among alumni for both personal and career development.

It is important to consider the institutes that offer various programs because their reputations and brands influence the perception of industries and prospective employers. Reputable universities and colleges are trustworthy owing to the advantage of having a well-versed faculty and curriculum that has been developed over a period of time.

Significance of PGDM and MBA

Although PGDM and MBA may not always be considered equal in scope and content, they can both be an integral aspect of career building and success. Institutions that award MBAs are required to adhere to the academic curriculum that has been established whereas PGDM is offered by institutions that can develop courses that are guided by various educational structures and regulations.

Previously, PGDM was not among the criteria required by institutes that needed degrees but it has gradually become more acceptable as a viable way of pursuing further studying and training. A MBA facilitates skill development among students within various subjects ranging from leadership to finance. Such programs are useful for networking that can lead to effective career growth.

Make a Choice

People who have MBA degrees can proceed to pursue further education, such as a PhD. They also have the option of pursuing further studies after post graduation. PGDM may limit this option for a person wishing to continue his or her studies at a nationally recognized institute of higher learning.

Choosing between PGDM and MBA does not have to be a difficult task. Begin by considering the reputation of the institute that offers the programs. Depending on the type of institute that awards the postgraduate diploma certificate, it may be regarded as equal to an MBA, which would enable you to pursue higher studies and help your career growth.


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