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October 22, 2015

9 Free Tools to Find and Share the Best Content

Content curation is essential, both in improving engagement with your audience on social media and in boosting your social presence. If you’re a social media manager, you know that maintaining consistency in posting to all your or your company’s accounts can be challenging. This is where content discovery and curation tools come in — they make life so much easier and save you tons of time. There are paid tools out on the market, but why pay when you can get the same features for free? Check out this list of free tools that are awesome for discovering and sharing content:


DrumUp is available as a Web app as well as an Android app. It finds the most relevant content for you, based on the keywords you enter. Its algorithms sift through hundreds of sources online to identify the right content for your audience, while giving you fresh content suggestions every day. The tool makes sharing content extremely easy and comes with handy scheduling features that let you post to multiple social media accounts simultaneously. Custom posts can also be scheduled for when you might want to share original content. DrumUp is also available as a Chrome Plug-in which lets you share interesting content as and when you find it. The plug-in also aids in real-time content discovery by suggesting articles related to the one you’re already viewing.



Storify mines through a variety of social media sites and other sources to find content so you are informed of the latest happenings relevant to your niche. It sources content from breaking news, live events, brand campaigns, chats, memes and more. Storify also lets you instantly share anything you find newsworthy from around the Web through its Chrome extension.

You can also create your own stories effortlessly using the app. It lets you drag and drop tweets, pictures, videos and so on into your story, which is instantly embedded, allowing you to create a media-rich experience in a matter of minutes. You can share the stories you’ve created on various social media platforms. Storify lets you embed the stories anywhere on the Web, notifies all the people you’ve mentioned in your post and lets users expand the story on Twitter without having to visit an external link. It’s the perfect tool for creating enticing stories on-the-go.



Feedly is an RSS reader that gathers feeds from multiple sites based on your preferences. You can add feeds from publications, blogs and even YouTube channels. Monitoring news about your company, product and competitors is also possible by plugging in Google Alerts. Feedly also gives you secure access to your company’s internal portals and SaaS applications. Organizing all your feeds into collections will help you find them easily in the future. Feedly also lets you integrate with a multitude of other apps that enable you to save content for later and share it on your social account

share-3 isn’t like other content discovery tools. It helps you discover good content by enabling you to create lists about any topic you find interesting. The people you invite to contribute to your list can add their own posts, comment on your list; favorite it, and also share it. As a result your list grows tremendously while still having quality content on it. It creates a whole community within a single list where users can get valuable information, share what they know and make important connections. Your lists can even be shared on your social media accounts, making it more accessible to your followers.



Newsle is a unique tool that allows you to find the latest news about the friends and colleagues who are on LinkedIn. It does the exact opposite of Storify by eliminating social media sources and focusing on finding content from digital news publications. Its algorithms are aimed at finding the most relevant news from blogs and articles, which you can share on your social media platforms. You can even send the articles to others through e-mail. This tool could provide you with valuable insights on the latest happenings within your circle, allowing you to connect better with your friends and peers.



Smartbrief gives you access to thousands of newsletters so you get the latest and most relevant information from across various industries like business, food, technology, advertising and many more. It is the perfect place to go to if you’re looking to find information on a specific industry from reliable sources.

You can use Smartbrief through e-mail, its website and mobile apps. The website has snippets of the latest news in various categories, allowing you to dig deeper into trending topics. These snippets are supplemented by analysis, interviews, and best practices, provided by their experienced editors. The apps let you track specific companies, people and topics depending on your needs.



Flipboard provides you with boards containing posts about all the things you’re interested in, from news and music to sports. It provides the latest news from a host of trusted publishers and other sources. Flipboard also allows you to create digital magazines – which essentially are a collection of articles, videos and photos. You can share these magazines or individual posts on Twitter, Facebook or through e-mail.



Juxtapost is unique in the sense that it is meant to bookmark articles or posts but through images. Juxtapost lets you save images that you find interesting into categorized postboards, to make curation easier for you. You can also find related posts by simply clicking on the ‘More Like This’ button. Another interesting feature is the option to export all the content you find to Excel, making planning a whole lot easier.

It’s a social discovery tool, meaning it lets you browse through other people’s postboards, read and write comments and share posts. It also allows you to share certain boards privately between a select few people, this is useful for sharing with clients. You can share posts instantly through e-mail or on Facebook.



Bundlr is similar to many of the above mentioned tools, it lets you create “bundles” of interesting content but unlike others, you can also include presentations and tweets. You can share your bundles on their public webpages or embed them on any other website. Bundlr also has a plug-in that allows you to collect content (and the metadata around it) while you’re browsing the Web.


Content curation becomes easier with these tools but it necessary to do some research and find out what suits your company’s needs the best. Also make sure to check your analytics to see if your content strategy is successful.


Aditi Prakash is a blogger at Godot Media, a leading blog writing services firm. She writes extensively on content marketing and social media marketing.