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Magic Leap Altering Reality

There’s some magic in the air when it comes to augmented reality.

Logo Magic LeapIt comes from the Google-backed Magic Leap, the company that has been working on creating a wearable device that will alter a wearer’s reality — what they are seeing and interacting with in front of them. Basically, it’s like a super-advanced virtual reality headset but, from what’s been shown so far, more immersive and interactive.

Company officials appeared on stage at The Wall Street Journal‘s technology conference and, during their talk, showcased some sample videos. To call the brief clips — which included an interactive robot and a floating solar system — impressive would be an understatement.

Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz, PC Mag reported, said the company’s goal is to create “an operating system for reality.”

The clips are mind-bending and that’s pretty much what the company is aiming for. Abovitz, in explaining the device to the audience, said there are, obviously, no atoms attached to the items people will be able to see through the device’s lenses, but as long as there’s no attempt by the user to touch the super-imposed images it will trick the brain into believing it’s there.

As Business Insider noted, Magic Leap has admitted previous videos showing what the company is working on were created with the assistance of the same special effects group known for films such as The Lord of The Rings trilogy, but the latest clips do not feature such assistance. In fact, the latest clips carry a small disclaimer noting there is no special effects or compositing involved.

No release date for Magic Leap’s product has been announced.

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  • I can’t wait. We could barely even dream of this stuff when I was a kid.

    Heck, my kids today just look at it and shrug as if this is no big deal, lol.