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Robin Smartphone Now Available For Preorder

Those worried about running out of space on their smartphone can let their worries fly away… like a Robin.

nextbit_logo_on_phone_02That’s because the cloud-first smartphone, Nextbit’s Robin, is now available for pre-order for $399. The device has already proven to be popular before even launching after raising $1.3 million on Kickstarter.

The phone will be available in February.

As reported by PC Mag, the Robin operates on Android and keeps track of what users are doing, how much space is being used and will move things to the cloud. This means if a user downloads an app and it isn’t used as much as other programs and apps it will be moved into Nextbit’s cloud storage. The app still exists on the device but stops taking up storage space.

The nice feature is data only gets sent up into the cloud when a user is on Wi-Fi and the phone is charging so battery life isn’t impacted.

Any information, apps or programs sent to the cloud can be brought back down to the device at any time.

“Robin is the only cloud-first smartphone,” Nextbit explains. “It gets smarter every day and makes running out of space history.”

Nextbit is recognizing those who supported the crowd sourcing campaign, reports Engadget, and backers were able to get their phones for slightly less at $299.

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  • “..and makes running out of space history.”

    This saying has been around nearly as long as computing itself – I certainly remember saying that to myself when I bought my first PC (it had a 40 Mb – yes, Megabyte hard disc).