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Google Takes DoubleClick Ads Onto the Streets

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Targeted advertising isn’t anything new, but a pilot project by Google takes the idea beyond desktops and mobile devices.

offlineadvertisingThe technology behind DoubleClick advertising isn’t new at this point but Google has launched a test run in the U.K. with electronic billboards. The technology taps into the outdoor signs and can pull in historical and real-time signals.

As Business Insider reports, this means the billboards could display different advertising based on everything from weather, travel information, sporting events and even audience. Billboards would, based on a variety of factors, change what’s being displayed in a bid to capture the perfect audience.

Essentially, it’s the same thing Google does by tracking a user’s history on their mobile device or laptop to determine what ads may have a better yield, but this is the first time the technology’s stepped outside.

The company, Forbes reports, has no plans at the moment to extend its test run beyond the small UK-based experiment, but there’s little doubt if the venture proves to be a success there will be a major change in how digital billboards are used in terms of advertising.

Currently, The Verge reports, there are a limited number of billboards in London being used for the trial run, but they are in high-traffic areas with the potential to reach many customers. Other company’s have operated similar projects but Google’s DoubleClick technology, and its proven far reach, means this could be an example of how to use digital billboards properly.

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