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Android Users Can Use Signal App

Android users can breathe a little easier about their security thanks to the Signal app.

Snowden SignalThe app, which encrypts messages and calls, has rolled out for Android. The app had only been available for iOS but launched the new version this week and, in doing so, received a pretty impressive endorsement.

In a tweet Monday, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden stated he uses Signal “every day.”

Open Whisper Systems, the company behind the app, explained in a blog post Signal “unites simple private messaging and simple private calling into a single app on Android. This is the culmination of our effort to combine TextSecure and RedPhone into one app, which we began on iPhone and are now bringing to completion on Android.”

The app, once installed, is easy to use because it utilizes a user’s phone number and address book. This eliminates the needs for logins, usernames, passwords and other features similar apps require. Messages are then encrypted before they even leave the phone so Open Whisper Systems’ app isn’t even able to access what’s being sent.

It’s a major step in security for Android users concerned about who’s seeing what they’re doing and talking about.

Open Whisper Systems’ founder Moxie Marlinspike, reports ZDNet, explained because Signal uses existing phone numbers and address books it makes it a simpler app with no need to remember a new password or PIN.

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