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8 Best Lead Magnet Ideas for Better Conversion

Conversions, conversions, conversions. We all want better traffic, better leads, and finally, prospects that turn into customers. The problem for all of those who want conversions is that they’re faced with competition and every single person wants the same thing—more conversions.

So, what could you offer that others cannot? Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask yourself that very question. If you were visiting a website for the first time and it asked you to subscribe or contact the team for a project worth thousands of dollars, what’s the first question you would ask: “what’s in it for me?”

The trick is to give before you try to take. This is where “lead magnets” come in. If you don’t already know what a lead magnet is, here is short definition: Lead magnets are offerings or incentives (usually free) you give to your potential buyers in exchange for their e-mail, phone number, or other contact information.

However, the game of using lead magnets to attract potential buyers can be as tricky as converting visitors into customers. The trick is to pick and choose the best ideas that fit your needs, as well as those of your potential buyers.

Here are some of the best lead magnet ideas for better conversions

Free Trials/downloadable software:


If your visitors are viewing your website, there’s a good chance they are interested in your products or services. Handing out free samples or trials of your product is a great way to attract customers and help them trust the quality of your service. Of course, you are not going to offer them the complete version of the product for free. Only a part of it. Watch how this technique piques their interest and makes them come back for more.

Free list of interesting facts:

Why not offer your audience a handful of fun and free facts? This is an offer that’s easy to come up with and would also give them an incentive to hand in their contact information. Infographics are also fantastic pieces of content that people can find useful. If you have the creative touch, go for it.

Webinars/Video Training:


Videos are among the best tools to use as lead magnets. Remember, you want your lead magnet to be useful to your users and it has to be relevant to your business. So, you’re not just going to pick out any webinar or video you like on the Web (if that’s even allowed).

Were you ever a part of a successful webinar that helped out a lot of people? Perhaps you offered people training that was recorded. Go ahead and give these out to your visitors once they’ve filled in a form field requiring their contact information. For businesses where training, consultation, or advice giving is required, this is a perfect way to win some leads.

Product Giveaways:

For businesses that offer tangible products, webinars, statistics, or trials of software are not really going to work. Perhaps, giving away free samples of your product is a better approach. Make sure you are not compromising on quality just to offer a few giveaways. The higher the quality of your product, the better the impression, and the more likely you are to build trust.

This trick, however, will require a steady income to begin with. You don’t want to run into losses because you’ve passed out too many freebies. Nevertheless, brands such as InVision and Dirtmoutainbike practice this technique to this today.

Free Guidebooks/ eBook/ Reports:


Free eBooks and guidebooks work just as well as any other lead magnet, particularly if your users are visiting for “information” (which most visitors are). These guides and books are a source of even more information which is why they work so well, and are perhaps the most popular lead magnets used over the Web today. Your “extra information” could be a how-to in a PDF format, an article, whitepaper, or any book for that matter. Make sure you are offering something that they will want. For example, if your website is all about digital marketing, you could be offering a free eBook on: “Eight Steps to Building a Successful Ad that Doubles Response.”

Cheat sheets/ Handouts/ToolKits:

The word “cheat sheet” is used very commonly when it comes to lead magnets. They are a lot like guides and eBooks, but they are slightly different. For one, cheat sheets are short, one-pagers and they get right to point. Secondly, cheat sheets generally have lists, or “blue prints” (such as mind maps) to clarify how to get to the goal. Also, cheat sheets are usually focused on one single goal rather than several goals that can be extensively elaborated on in a book.

Discount/Free Shipping:

Discounts and free shipping in exchange for an e-mail address is a pretty good deal. This is also one of the most effective lead magnets. Of course, free shipping is also a type of “discount” since they’ll still have to pay for the product. This is a great way to get leads that easily turns into sales.

Survey/Quiz/ Test:

There’s something really enjoyable about surveys and tests. This is another great way to engage and generate new leads. Use a quiz-building tool such as Interact or Quizworks to create an online quiz for free. When the quiz results are “being prepared” you can have a form pop up that requires them to hand in their email address to receive the results.

Now, we know what you’re thinking — lead magnets are a lot like bribes, and in a way they are. But trust us when we say this, they are ethical bribes that not only benefit us, but also our potential leads. Instead of scurrying away the moment a banner pops up, your leads will have a reason to stay. And unlike banners, ads, or traditional subscriptions, lead magnets ensure that the offering goes both ways.

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  • Really very nice and impressive article. Deals or offers such a helpful way to increase conversion as well as revenue also. Thank you so much for sharing the interesting information with us. it will really very helpful for my business.”

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