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Ethical Role of Online Advertising for Business

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Classified ad sites are a great place to raise recognition for your brand. The way you present your ad says something about the intention and the reputation of your business.

Some advertisers may seek classified ad sites to try to capitalize on link building for organic search to lure more traffic to their sites. While this may work, you still need to abide by the ethical codes of the site and your profession.

Here are a few tips to can help you post ads that will yeild long-term positive results.

Be honest with your ad

When posting your ad, be truthful and avoid confusing users. Dishonesty or misleading statements can lead to legal issues. The Federal Trade Commission Act has requirements set for advertisers and marketers using classified ads and other channels online. The same is also outlined by the Bureau of Consumer Protection to protect consumers from deceptive and unfair advertising practices. Also, do not make claims that are not substantiated, or those that your products and services do not meet. It will create a bad name for your brand and the consequences can be devastating.

Unethical advertising tactics

Advertisers have various techniques to lure customers without harming them. However, there are other methods that can result in conflicts. For example, when advertisers use emotional appeals, subliminal advertising, or take advantage of uninformed and less educated individuals, it results in problems. The consumer may be attracted to the brand or company but when they do not receive the product or service they thought they paid for, complaints will inevitably follow.

And today’s consumer will often take those complaints online for all to see. If those comments go viral, it could have a long-term negative effect on the business.

But many consumers will not fall for such tricks — they are too enlightened and are able to detect when something is off. Customers today are more attracted to adverts that don’t use the psychologically manipulative tactics in an attempt to lure them.

Advertising products that are harmful

You don’t want to advertise products that will harm users. Whenever you post an ad on classified sites, ensure that it is meant to introduce a product that is fit for consumer. Don’t exaggerate the features of the product — in tht long run it won’t do you any good. You would be better off being honest with your ad placement — only talk about what the product can offer and nothing more.

There are many ethical standards that advertisers should be aware of, such as posting ads that target children.

Only use ethically-sound ads on free classified sites so that your leads not only buy your products, but promote your brand and become loyal customers. It pays to abide by the rules of submitting and posting ads on classified sites.

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  • Aman thanks for the great post. Classified are the main points that we can do in SEO marketing for a local branding. I have seen in google if we are trying to rank a website we have to list our website on classified website and we know all the businesses are having high competition. So if we do classified then we get much results that can boost our search rankings.

    Thanks for great post.

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