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Google Considering Manufacturing Smartphone

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There could be a new Smartphone coming according to reports indicating Internet giant Google wants to build its own device.

SmartphoneWhile Google has made no public statement about the supposed project, The Information reports there has been talk among top executives within the company about building a Google phone. Those discussions have included, reports indicate, Android senior vice-president Hiroshi Lockheimer.

It’s not an outlandish idea considering Google’s history with Motorola and its stable of Nexus phones.

Yet, as Forbes reports, the current line of the Nexus phones are all created by third-party companies. If Google is to launch a new phone it would be built within Google’s own confines.

Such a move could mean a major shift not only for Google but for other manufacturers. Google wouldn’t be relying on another producer and it would, ultimately, introduce another phone producer on to the market. In addition, it could impact how Android is presented to consumers.

The reports, at this point, have not been authenticated, but it’s a natural step for Google to move into the production end of Smartphones.

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