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Advertisers Able to Sell Product in 360 Video on Facebook

Facebook is turning advertising around 360 degrees.

facebook-65051_1280In fact, what the social media site has announced is, because of the growing popularity of 360 videos, advertisers will now be able to present advertisements in that format. It appears to be more of a trial run but there are some big companies attached to the idea.

“(W)e’re starting to test 360 video as an advertising format as well. AT&T, Corona (AB InBev), Nescafe (Nestle), Ritz (Mondelez), Samsung, and Walt Disney World (Walt Disney Parks and Resorts) are all running 360 video ads, and we’ll continue to test this format with additional advertisers,” Facebook explained in a press release. “360 video represents an exciting creative opportunity for marketers that allows them to tell immersive stories, optimized for mobile devices.”

It’s just another step Facebook is taking in bringing the video format to users.

Because 360 videos are becoming more popular and prevalent both on the Web in general and on Facebook, the social media site is also encouraging video creators to delve into the format.

Facebook, in the same release, announced it is “launching a new 360 video microsite dedicated to providing relevant resources and information.”

The site features upload guidelines, frequently asked questions and a set of best practices developed by the team behind Vrse, a leading virtual reality studio.

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