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Google Search Now Tapping Information in Apps

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There’s a lot of information buried deep inside apps and if those apps aren’t on a users’ Smartphone that information, basically, isn’t accessible to them.

Image courtesy of (KROMKRATHOG)/
Image courtesy of (KROMKRATHOG)/

That’s all changing though, thanks to Google.

The company announced Wednesday it has been working on extending the tendrils of search even further with people now being able to find information in those apps — regardless of the fact whether they’ve downloaded them or not.

“We started indexing the content of apps two years ago, so that when people search on Google, they can find the best results whether they’re in an app or on the web,” explained engineering manager Jennifer Lin in a blog post. “We now have over 100 billion deep links into apps in our index — including some popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb or Pinterest — and 40 percent of searches people do on Android surface app content.”

Those two years have paid off, apparently — users will now start seeing that information displayed when it’s relevant to their search. In fact, search results will also enable users to ‘stream’ some apps they don’t have installed.

“For example, with one tap on a ‘Stream’ button next to the HotelTonight app result, you’ll get a streamed version of the app, so that you can quickly and easily find what you need, and even complete a booking, just as if you were in the app itself,” Lin explained. “And if you like what you see, installing it is just a click away. This uses a new cloud-based technology that we’re currently experimenting with.”

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