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Jimmy Iovine Apologizes for Remarks

Remarks deemed as sexist prompted Apple Music head Jimmy Iovine to apologize and clarify what he truly meant.

appleIovine ticked off some viewers of CBS This Morning late last week when he appeared as a guest. Iovine, along with singer Mary J. Blige, was on the program to discuss the new advertising campaign for Apple’s music service.

During the interview, as reported by C Net, Iovine explained he came up with the latest commercial for the service and felt it would address an issue he sees when it comes to musical choices for women.

“I always knew that women find it very difficult at times — some women — to find music. And this helps makes it easier with playlists, curated by real people,” Iovine stated during the interview.

While the comment was not challenged during the appearance, Iovine faced criticism for the comment with some viewers saying it was a sexist remark.

The concern reached Iovine’s ears and he issued an apology and a statement later the same day.

“We created Apple Music to make finding the right music easier for everyone — men and women, young and old. Our new ad focuses on women, which is why I answered the way I did, but of course the same applies equally for men. I could have chosen my words better, and I apologize,” he said, as reported by Billboard.

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