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4 New AdWords Tools for Higher Holiday Profits

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Each year, it seems as if the holidays come earlier and get more competitive; this holiday season is no exception. As the shopping season kicked off, reports began to trickle in on just how big this year is expected to be for retailers. Last year, the National Retail Federation reported that the average consumers said 44 percent of their shopping would be done online; this year the number increases to 46 percent of all holiday transactions. Additionally, NFR also shared that according to its preliminary Thanksgiving Weekend Survey, approximately 135.8 million shoppers definitely will or may shop on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Small Business Saturday/Sunday with an additional 126 million shoppers taking to the web on Cyber Money.

It is most certainly shaping up to be a massive holiday shopping season, and Google knows just how important this time of year is to retailers. As a type of early holiday gift, Google doled out four new tools in AdWords to make holiday marketing campaigns all the more jolly.

Here are the four new AdWords solutions to give your marketing campaign a little more cheer this holiday season.

Tool 1: SMS Text Message Remarketing

Google is now allowing marketers to target users both on and off the SERPs with SMS text message remarketing abilities. On Nov. 10, the search giant announced a revolutionary ad modality that allows Google users to subscribe to holiday updates and deals which they will receive on mobile phones via text.

Once a user subscribes, Google will send out catered messages on relevant holiday shopping sale days as they are announced by retailers. Users can, of course, unsubscribe at any time.

While advertisers will not receive client information or even manage their own SMS messaging, this is a fantastic way to reach audiences while not on the search engine.

Tool 2: Structured Snippets for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As of Nov. 20, AdWords users are now able to create and display structured snippets highlighting their best specials for two of the biggest holiday shopping days of the year. Black Friday promotions are set to run from Nov. 20 through Nov. 27 and Cyber Monday ads also began to appear on the 20th but will remain until Nov. 30. If an advertiser decides to create snippets for both, Black Friday’s will be the only ones shown until the day ends, at which point Cyber Monday snippets will begin to generate in the SERP.

Creating these snippets is simple and the same process applies as creating a typical one. To generate said ads, simply select “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” as the header. From there you can list any deals, specials, or promotions that you like. And unlike normal snippets, which require a minimum of three values, you can choose to promote one deal at a time.

Tool 3: YouTube Shopping Ads

This year Google takes YouTube Cards to the next level enabling merchants to display interactive shopping services on organic, non-promoted YouTube videos that are relevant to the product or service offered. The cards, which overlay the video, are clickable and will pop up at any time the merchant specifies. Best of all is that Google will only charge once a user clicks on the ad.

The ad’s pairing with content is dependent upon Google’s algorithms which automatically pair up the ads with videos. This means that the user watching the video is already interested in this type of product or service; the ad itself gives users the option to make a purchase directly through your store from the video they are already engaged in. Diya Jolly, Google’s director of Video Ads Product Management, explains these benefits by saying, “Shopping ads on YouTube work even lower in the funnel, by enabling shopping cards on creator videos that feature your products… These also allow you to extend the reach of your Shopping campaigns beyond”

Tool 4: Shop through TrueView

While the concept of TrueView ads is essentially the same as video ads, there are some key differentiating factors that make this feature special. With the TrueView shopping ads business owners can pair interactive cards with their own TrueView ads. And similar to the YouTube ads, Google will only charge if the ad is watched for more than 30 seconds.

This appears to be a powerful option for marketers as Google has reported that eCommerce company Wayfair, “saw a three times revenue increase per impression served when compared to previous campaigns.” Additionally, cosmetic beauty supplier Sephora, “took advantage of this new ad format to drive +80 percent lift in consideration and +54 percent lift in ad recall, and an average view time of nearly two minutes.” This new ability for marketers to ad cards onto their own videos adds a layer of depth to dynamically incorporate additional information on promoted videos.

On top of all of these new powerful offerings, Google is also granting access to unique CTA’s that can be utilized on various platforms. Something like “Visit the Site” or “Buy Now” might be displayed on desktops while the same ad can feature “Call Now” on mobile devices. Used with a little business savvy, these tools can set you light years apart from your competitors and get you more of your share of the holiday spending.

Do you plan on integrating these new features into your holiday marketing blueprint? Of these four, what do you believe will be the most effective tool to utilize?

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