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December 2, 2015

Top Blogging Tools for Content Creation

Image Credit: Kristina B via flickr

Creating quality content for your blog will take more than just writing a single post. It’s not always easy to publish consistently unique content, but it is possible. The process involves multiple areas of focus and can be overwhelming, even for a veteran blogger.

Once you understand your target audience, you can begin to communicate with them effectively. Who is reading your blog? What do you want to say to your readers? These are questions any blogger asks, and once they know the answers then the content can begin to flow.

Not all of us are Photoshop masters or professional authors. But we all have a unique voice and perspective. Use these 15 tools (separated into five appropriate categories) to boost your blog content and to evolve your own creation methods.

RESEARCH & ORGANIZATIONFirst things first, know what you blog.


The Trello app uses a dashboard view composed of “cards” and is easy to use. The drag-and-drop cards resemble Pinterest boards, are simple to customize and offer the ability to collaborate, upload personal files and lay out your project ideas in an accessible and effective way.


Evernote is a free and popularly used app. Connect on all of your devices, use the transcription tool and gather information from various sources all in one place. Collaborate in real time and check out its paid upgrade options for more uploads per month.


Pocket, like Evernote, allows the user to save information from various resources (photo, video, websites and personal notes) but also provides integration with more than 1,500 apps.

WRITINGAvoid basic mistakes and know how to write for the Web.


Essaymama is a writing service composed of highly trained professionals. The editors at Essaymama can help proofread your articles within tight deadlines and it’s always helpful to have a second set of eyes to edit your work.


Portent’s Content Idea Generator is a fun way to tackle writer’s block. If you are struggling to find your next topic or can’t discover just the right title, head to Portent for help. Enter in a keyword, or phrase and refresh ideas as many times as you like.


The Yoast plug-in for WordPress is an excellent option for SEO. Yoast will monitor given keyword information and green light you when reasonable usage has been reached. It’s a great way to maintain natural writing without worrying too much about keywords.

PHOTOS and VIDEO – every great blog needs some good visuals. 


Death to Stock Photo is an easy way to access a large collection of free to use and high-resolution photos. Sign up for free, receive monthly e-mails and check the blog for daily inspiration.


Hubspot blogs offer a variety of royalty-free photos and the lists are constantly being updated. Don’t get stuck in a messy copyright battle. If you can’t create your own photos, use ones that are legal and available to the public.


This free online video creator (and editor) is easy to use. Users have full creative control and can save to their hard drive or upload all content to the cloud. It’s a simple and quick way to create quality videos for your blog.

CHARTS and INFOGRAPHICS – give your readers more than just a picture. 


This online infographic creator is an excellent way to exhibit information on your blog. Your online audience is on-the-go and wants information fast. With infographics you can give your blog originality while enhancing your brand and better connecting with your readers.


Creately users can make unique flowcharts, graphs and diagrams all with guided direction. They have complete creative control and are able to collaborate and share information easily (also offers Confluence, JIRA and FogBugz plug-ins).


This simple graphic design software is extremely user-friendly and offers a Facebook, Pinterest or email sign up. Canva has thousands of setups, filters, icons, shapes and fonts to play with and can guarantee your blog graphics will be one of a kind.

EDITING – Even the best content creator needs a little help.


When writing for the Web you never want to publish plagiarized work. It will ruin your credibility and destroy a reputation. With Plagtracker’s unique checking algorithm you can save time and make sure you always submit original writing.


The Hemingway app is the perfect editor for Web writing. Copy and paste text or type directly in the app while it highlights issues like grammar, spelling, run-on sentences and repetitive language. Hemingway was famous for using short sentences and the app edits with his voice.


Once you have your text nailed down and finalized, switch up the font to find what fits your niche and your site the best. Google fonts offer more than 500 free fonts that can attract more readers and grab attention, making your blog personalized and unique.

Regardless of what area of your blog needs work, there is most likely a source to provide assistance. There will always be new posts and new trends. Staying on top of what is current and relevant to your niche is imperative to success.

Without quality content, you won’t be able to maintain readers. There are many aspects to creating great blog content and these tools cover most of them. Let these sources help you develop better work, stay motivated and remain confidant.


Kenneth Waldman is a professional freelance writer and content creator. Get in touch with him on Linkedin.