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What I Learned About Marketing From Edward Snowden, Ronda Rousey, Donald Trump, Mashable and Craigslist

The title of this post really should be: “How to Use Popular Trends to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Blog.” However, that title would only appeal to a select audience and I am looking for an edge. I have done my research so I know Edward Snowden, Ronda Rousey and Donald Trump are trending heavily online.

If I can incorporate these keywords into my post I can attract more traffic than if I just That said, I cannot just keyword stuff a page. The terms have to be relevant to Google and to real human readers. I have to come up with a concept that relates to my niche that also uses the trending keywords.

You see there is something that the SEO gurus forgot to tell you. Pure, brute, targeted or untargeted REAL traffic is one of the main factors when it comes to getting your blog posts and websites ranked in Google.

Craigslist Does Not Care About or Need SEO

Do you think Craigslist.org cares one bit about SEO? I doubt that it is even much of an after thought. Craigslist has millions of real visitors coming to its website daily. If you put up a beautifully written post, keyword optimized for the keywords: “Donald Trump endorsed by Edward Snowden” on your blog, then you put a similar post, but not nearly as well optimized on Craigslist, I guarantee you the post on Craigslist.org will outrank yours in a heartbeat.

Why? Is it because Craigslist webmasters pore over the latest articles from Searchengineland and Moz.com? No because Craigslist is one of the most popular websites in the world and is slammed with real eyeballs hitting their pages every day.

Craigslist has momentum, it has been around since the beginning of the Internet and has not changed its website design since.

What does Craigslist have that most websites do not have? Tons of real eyeballs hitting their website. Therefore Craigslist posts will be ranked higher than most other websites for the same keywords even if the post is not as good as the post on the lesser visited website.

Let’s take a look at the example of Pete Cashmore’s Mashable. Mashable is one of the most successful websites on the planet and is bringing in millions of dollars in revenue each year.

Have you taken a look at the posts on Mashable? The posts are very light on content. Most are rather shallow fluffy posts without much depth. “5 Ways to do this, 3 ways to get better whatevers…. etc.” The posts are usually pretty short as well.

I bet Site Pro News would not even post many of the articles that are posted on Mashable if they were sent in by some unknown blogger. The articles would be sent back and Site Pro would say “please give us some better content.”

So why is Mashable such a great success? Because Pete Cashmore has a 5th degree black belt in spotting and capitalizing on trends en masse.

Mashable scours the Internet for trending stories and then re-writes the stories in a brief format and posts them on its blog. The site does this over and over and over and over. Imagine if you had 40 writers just looking for popular trends then re-writing the stories and posting them to your blog every day all year. The sheer momentum would start to push your blog to being one of the most popular blogs online.

I say that quality does not matter. Of course quality matters and there is a minimum quality that is needed. However, pure traffic and momentum are bigger factors than the subjective quality of an article when it comes to getting ranked in Google.

Mashable started off as a tech blog. Pete Cashmore was obsessed with getting traffic to his blog so, of course, he started looking at what was trending.

Much to his surprise, and maybe his chagrin, he found there were other topics that were easier to write about and got a lot more attention than posts about the nitty gritty details of social media. Cat videos, Kim Kardashian, football, politics and gossip are examples of some popular traffic baiting topics.

He then began expanding his tech blog to other areas to respond to the demand that he found. If you ever feel like getting depressed, check out what is trending on Google Trends. It is amazing what our collective consciousness is seeking out.

Cashmore is so obsessed with capitalizing on trends, he has invented a product that can predict future trends. It is not enough to regurgitate trending news but, according to Cashmore, you need to be able to predict the future to succeed.

So How Do YOU Take Advantage of Hot Trends to Boost Traffic to Your Website? 

Use a tool called the Blog Social Analyzer. This tool will take the RSS feed for any blog and tell you which posts have the most shares on social media. With Mashable, you get a double whammy. First of all you know Cashmore’s philosophy is to capitalize on trends so he is only going after what is hot. But on top of this, you can see the “hottest of the hottest posts.” This is what you see when you type in Mashable’s feed for its business category blog into Blog Social Media Analyzer at the writing of this post:


Social Media Analyzer Will Tell Your Which Posts Get The Most Social Shares On Any Blog

The most shared story from Mashable on the day I wrote this article was a story about a new type of Oreo Cookie called Oreo Churros. Who would have thought? The day previous, the most popular story was a story about Edward Snowden recommending that everybody use pop up blockers.

In Order to Use These Trends You Have to Relate These Trends to Some Aspect of Your Business

So Oreo Ohurros and and Edward Snowden are hot right now. How do you take advantage of this and relate it to your niche? You need to get creative. “Edward Snowden Recommends Using Pop Up Blockers to Keep The Government From Knowing About Your Oreo Churro Fetish.” Of course, I am being silly. If you have a business blog here are some example titles of potential blog posts regarding these trends:

• Oreo Churros, Classic Coke and the Bic Mac. What Happens When Established Brands Dare to Change What is Working

• 5 Lessons I Learned About Branding From Oreo Churros

• Edward Snowden Recommends Using Pop Up Blockers, But Do They Work?

You could Google “your niche keywords and hot topic keywords.” You will be surprised. You will find many blogs writing articles along those keywords usually.

Google “Your Keywords + Hot Trending Topic” to Get Even More Ideas for Blog Posts

I noticed that UFC champion Ronda Rousey and Donald Trump were trending quite heavily. So I wrote a motivational type article entitled 5 Lessons Ronda Rousey Can Learn from Donald Trump About Losing.” Here is the screen shot of the Google search results when I type in “5 lessons Ronda Rousey.”


Two interesting observations:

  1. My YouTube Video ranks above my blog post even though my blog post has way more info. Why? Because YouTube is the second most popular website in the world and is owned by the most popular website in the world.
  2. Lots of other writers have written articles specifically to capitalize on the hot trending status of Ronda Rousey. This technique is not a secret.

I thought I would be clever and include both Donald Trump and Ronda Rousey in a post. But I did not realize the Ronda Rousey and Donald Trump were already trending together.

Donald Trump is an Expert in Getting Media Attention and he Knows How to Hop on Trends

He had earlier said he thought Ronda Rousey, an extremely popular athlete, liked him. Donald Trump mentioned his name along with Ronda Rousey’s in order to attach his name to a hot trending athlete.

Ronda Rousey then came out and said she was not very fond of Donald Trump. Then when Ronda Rousey recently lost a match in a huge upset with plenty of buzz, Donald Trump tweeted that he was happy she lost. By tweeting something controversial about a trending person he again received an enormous amount of publicity.

Donald Trump was Leveraging the Fame of a Hot Trending Personality to Promote Himself and It Was No Accident

Even if some of the publicity is not that positive, it really does not matter. Sometimes it is even better because a good controversy can get you plenty of attention as well.

Here are some free tools to help you find out what is hot and what is not:

Google Trends Hot Videos. This site shows you which videos are currently the most popular trending videos.

Google Trends. This page shows you what searches are trending on Google.

Mashable. Just see what Mashable writes about. There is nothing random about its choice of articles. The people behind Mashable are experts in finding out what is trending. They even have developed technology to see what is GOING to be popular.

Blog Social Analyzer. Use this tool to see which blog posts are getting the most shares for any blog. Not a bad idea to check the popular blogs in your niche and see what is working for them.

So before you make your next blog post, check sites such as Mashable, Blog Social Analyzer, Google Trends and Google Hot Videos and see if you can incorporate hot trending topics into your blog posts. This could give you that extra traffic that will get your blog the extra authority you need to start ranking your posts even higher in Google.

I would love to have your take on this topic. Please let me know in the comments area below. I will respond to everybody.

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Matthew Meyer is a webmaster, entrepreneur, former professional musician, judo nut, and a redneck in training. He started working online in the ’90s because he was tired of playing the hokey pokey at weddings. He has been making a living online since then and runs the Quickregister.net Marketing Blog and The Free Ad Forum Free Classifieds Sites as well as several other websites that are just too controversial to mention here.

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