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Kyocera Introduces Washable Smartphone

Chances are almost everyone has experienced some type of water damage to their Smartphone.

kyocera_logo_3039It’s a simple fact, devices and water don’t mix.

Or, do they?

Japanese company Kyocera is proving that theory wrong with its new Android Smartphone that can be washed using soap and water. The device, as shown in a video, can be washed numerous times so users no longer have to worry about germs.

The brief commercial for the device shows a mother washing the phone after her son gets it covered with ketchup.

As reported by PC World, most Smartphones on the market can withstand some cleaning but Kyocera’s device — which goes on sale later this month — can withstand numerous washes. Most Smartphones will sustain damage if they are mixed with water too many times.

Smartphones are known to be prime carriers for germs so the idea of having one that can be repeatedly cleaned — especially considering Japanese users’ concerns over the transmission of the microscopic bugs — makes perfect sense.

North American users, though, will have to find other ways to battle germs as Kyocera hasn’t announced any intention of selling the device on these shores.

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