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December 7, 2015

Google’s Latest Patent Could Draw Blood

Device Would Eliminate Need For Needles

Google wants blood.

Google gThe technology giant has filed a patent for a new device which could extract a user’s blood without using a needle. It’s not a nefarious plan to gather blood samples, but could be a device used to revolutionize the medical field and cause a lot less pain for people who need blood taken from their systems regularly.

Paperwork filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office details Google’s little device which relies more on negative pressure than pricking.

“A device can include an evacuated negative-pressure barrel with a membrane sealing an aperture at a distal end, and a housing affixed to a proximal end. An accelerator barrel can be positioned within the negative-pressure barrel and fixed to the housing, with an open proximal end in a chamber in the housing, and an open distal end aligned with the aperture. The chamber can be filled with pressurized gas, and a trigger valve can hydrostatically separate the chamber from the open proximal end of the accelerator barrel. A micro-particle positioned within the accelerator barrel can be accelerated to high speed by an abrupt surge of gas by releasing the trigger valve. The micro-particle can attain enough momentum to pierce the aperture membrane and penetrate adjacent dermal tissue. A resulting micro-emergence of blood can be drawn into the negative pressure barrel,” the patent’s summary outlines.

In simpler terms, as explained by Ubergizmo, the device would fire a gas-powered microparticle into the skin. The device, using negative pressure, could collect a small amount of blood from the spot the microparticle enters the skin.

The main purpose of the device would be to help those who have diabetes and regularly are required to test sugar levels in their blood.

There’s no details on when the device could become a reality.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.