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December 11, 2015

No Connection No Longer Problem for Facebook

Update Being Tested to Ensure Users Always See Fresh Stories in News Feed

Flickr photo by Maria Elena

A slow connection or even no connection isn’t going to stop Facebook users from seeing and even commenting on posts.

Image courtesy of (arztsamui)/

Image courtesy of (arztsamui)/

The company announced Thursday it is rolling out changes to address slow-loading News Feed posts which will enable users to remain connected with their friends and the people they follow whether they have a clear connection or a poor one. The change comes, the post explained, as more people are joining Facebook, many of a 2G network.

“To improve News Feed so it works seamlessly and quickly for people in all parts of the world, we’re focused on designing it to operate well regardless of device or network connection,” the post, published on Facebook’s code page, outlined.

“As a next step in improving people’s experiences on slower internet connections, we are shipping several changes that will more efficiently show you relevant stories in your News Feed when you’re on a slow connection and will let you compose comments on posts when you’re offline.”

Facebook is testing an update that will look at all previously downloaded stories on a user’s phone that haven’t been viewed. Those will then be ranked based on relevance and will be displayed in order. This eliminates the spinning wheel users will often see when in a poor connection. So, basically, Facebook is presenting stories not yet seen by a user until a more stable connection is established.

“We’re also testing improvements to keep these stories up to date throughout the day by periodically retrieving new stories when you have a good connection. This helps us make sure the stories we have available are the most relevant and current,” the post explained.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.