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December 17, 2015

How to Get Traffic From Social Bookmarking Sites

Getting top spot on social bookmarking sites is a cost effective and easy way to attract traffic to your site. Some of the bookmarking websites include, and, among others. Appearing at the top of these sites is not as difficult as it appears. Here is a list of steps you can take to rank at the top of bookmarking websites and, thus, increase traffic to your site.

Mind Your Headlines

There are many well-written articles that go unnoticed on the crowded Web. The simple explanation is the headlines are not catchy. A reader will first be attracted to your headline before reading the content of your article. Without a catchy headline, the chances of digging deeper into the article are limited. Seek to provide answers and create headlines that have the reader’s perspective in mind.

Short And Meaningful Descriptions

The description for your content should be short and factual. Anything longer than 100-150 words will be boring. It should draw the attention of the reader to the content of the article. However, be sure to avoid exaggerations that will only make your work appear phony. The description should be a writing masterpiece to usher the reader into the rest of the content.

What’s On The First Paragraph?

This rule applies to all types of writing. For social bookmarking sites, it is more important. You might capture the attention of your reader with a great heading and winning description, but fail on the basis of the first paragraph. The expectations created by the headline and description should be continued in the first paragraph. This will keep the visitor glued to your site.

Do Not Exchange Your Content For Bookmarking Techniques

The content you provide to your reader should flow with the heading, description and first paragraph. The idea is to maintain the attention and also deliver the promise made at introduction. Bookmarking low quality content is useless. This will affect your ability to capture repeat traffic.

Let Others Bookmark Your Site

There is greater value when other people bookmark your classified sites or blogs. To reap maximum benefits from this act, make it easier for them to do it. This is done by providing a bookmarking button strategically at the end of your article. There are different options for CMA and HTML users. Whichever platform you are using, ensure that sharing is done in a seamless manner.

When and Where to Submit

Learn the behavior of your audience and know when to make the top page move. The ranking cycle is only 24 hours. This means that a few minutes will make a great deal of a difference. To navigate through this barrier, ensure that you make the submission at a time when traffic to your site would be at its maximum.

There are different categories on social bookmarking sites. Submitting in the wrong category only reduces your chances of getting attention. In other cases, there are no perfect categories. This leaves your ranking to chance, so find the category in which your site perfectly fits.

Build an Attractive Profile

Social bookmarking sites give preference to seasoned users who have sustained high-quality articles. The secret is to post links to interesting articles. Your site should also have links to other sites. The bookmarking sites consider single-linked sites to be self promoting and thus do not accord them much attention.


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