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Sweepstakes Key in Social Media Promotion for Businesses

Businesses looking to use social media to promote themselves should be examining their online sweepstakes options.

socialmediamktgA report released this week by Easypromos indicates online sweepstakes are the most effective means for businesses to engage customers through a social media platform. The study, which looked at more than 13,000 paid promotions between Jan. 1 and Oct. 15, 2015, found 66 percent of all new clients choosing sweepstakes when given the choice between a free sweepstakes, contest or coupon.

“Our Social Media Promotions Report confirms the ease and effectiveness of sweepstakes as the most popular tool within a social media marketing toolkit. Further, with the majority of trial users choosing sweepstakes over other tools, it is clear that sweepstakes are likely the launch-point for many first-time social media promoters,”  Easypromos’ North American sales director Brian McNeil-Smith stated in a press release. “Additionally, companies across all verticals are broadening their social media promotions strategies to include a variety of tools such as contests, coupons, quizzes and more.”

Social media promotions are becoming more prevalent despite, for years, being only a subcategory in digital and inbound marketing programs. Changing times and the prevalence of social media has paved the way for robust tools, platforms and applications. The result is stronger, more powerful, wider reaching social media promotions tools supporting companies and brands of all sizes and needs.

Easypromos CEO Carles Bonfill said marketers have long realized “the importance of social media promotions in a larger marketing program for not only engaging with an audience and extending its reach, but building loyalty, driving traffic, generating leads and bringing targets to a point of sale.”

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